7 Reasons G&G Endorses Jess Phoenix for Congress @jessphoenix2018

Jess Phoenix is a Volcano Scientist, a non-profit founder, and a teacher.  Now, she’s running for Congress in CA-25, to oust Republican, Steve Knight, who has voted with Donald Trump 98.5% of the time.

Greater And Grander wishes to endorse Jess Phoenix for CA-25, because she is passionate, and cares about the future of this great nation.  She has proven that she is willing to work hard, and cross the aisle in order to get things done, and we encourage all voters in CA-25 to vote for her in the upcoming June 5th primary.

Below are 7 reasons we’ve chosen to endorse her.


  1. What in your background as a scientist will help you be a great public servant in Congress?

In Congress, my training in the scientific method will be very valuable. This skillset shows us how to analyze all available evidence, and then use it to make truly informed decisions about complex problems. As a scientist, I am not afraid to admit when I do not know something, and I use all my research skills to become informed. I am also willing to change my mind when I receive new evidence. That will help me tremendously in Congress, since my efforts to gain buy-in from my colleagues will be based in fact. Additionally, I’ve worked all over the planet in life-threatening conditions. I know how to remain calm when the stakes are high, and how to get the best out of team members under duress.


  1. What actions would you take in Congress to combat the Russian disinformation campaign perpetrated on social media?

I will work closely with Intelligence Committee members like Representative Adam Schiff to ensure that I can deliver facts and evidence to my constituents, and I will ensure that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., have guidance and clear direction about what type of influence foreign actors may have over their activities.

I will introduce legislation to fund the United States Cyber Command’s initiatives to monitor and combat disinformation online, and also require regular monthly reports from this command with information for members of Congress about new and emerging threats and technologies.

In addition, I will advocate for research into identity verification technologies and techniques that will strengthen our banking, commercial, retail, and cyber sectors.


  1. What actions would you take in Congress to strengthen the film & television industry, in Los Angeles?

Buy art Los Angeles, Ricardo Tomasz, sky, sunset, california, Los Angeles, film studio, beautiful sunset, traincars, paramount pictures, backlot, painted skyI will work to ensure the National Endowment for the Arts is fully funded, and that there are federal incentives for small businesses in the Los Angeles area to work with the film and television industry.

I will also encourage the State of California and Los Angeles County to create incentives for film companies to locate production in the region. Whenever possible, I will invite members of the industry to speak before Congress to make the value of the industry and keeping productions local known.

I will also meet regularly with people in the industry to learn about acute needs and ongoing challenges and use their expertise to inform my advocacy and legislative efforts. We have the infrastructure and expertise, so we need members of our government to understand why producing more films and televisions programs locally matters.


  1. What actions would you take in Congress to boost job creation in Southern California?

Stimulating the economy should start with support for small businesses and tech companies.

Investing in infrastructure that encourages modern work styles, including tech incubators and co-working spaces, will help small business owners to keep their business local.

Additionally, having an advocate in Congress who will bring federal dollars back home for Green Tech R&D would be a massive help. We are in a unique position to be a leader in Green Tech.

I will work with the State of California and local authorities to bring a California State University institution to the district that specializes in this growing economic sector. Our existing fabrication expertise will complement this academic focus and is a major avenue for us to realize significant job growth in both the district and Southern California.


  1. What actions would you take in Congress to combat the rise in White Nationalist groups and hate crimes since 2016?

#potus #america #blm #congress #anarchocommunism #revolution #workers #anarchistcommunism #equity #equality #leftism #socialism #liberty #liberation #insurrection #collectivism #molotov #elequipodelpueblo #vamosrojos #dalerojo #antifaultras #1312 #hardcorehelpfoundation #antifahooligans #beatdown #oneloveapparel #dtd #love #deeznuts #taaIn Congress I will work closely with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union to craft legislation to protect marginalized groups from the hurtful actions of White Nationalists and the harm of hate crimes.

I will also support immediate passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, and work to advance nondiscrimination legislation to protect vulnerable populations in schools and the workplace.

Furthermore, I will introduce legislation to strengthen the Voting Rights Act, and fight against discriminatory policies like voter identification laws and the elimination of early voting in predominantly minority communities. I will also commit to speaking out against these hate groups and hate crimes in all forms.


  1. How do you like public speaking?

I enjoy public speaking and have since I first studied speech and debate in high school. I find that effective communication is key to accomplishing big goals.


  1. Who are your favorite filmmakers and favorite movies?

My favorite movies are Monty Python’s Holy Grail, PCU, Hero, The Last Unicorn, The Black Stallion, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I’m really interested in nature documentaries as well, and many of the most beautiful scenes I can remember have been from documentary films.


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