Class Offering, Children’s Entertainment Lectures and Syllabus

As part of Greater And Grander’s Public Speaking Engagements, we are provide information below on a new offering.

A College Level class, or series of lectures, on children’s entertainment, provided by our experienced Producers and speakers, each with over a decade of experience in the Film and Television industry.  Below is a synopsis of lecture topics, and proposed syllabus for the college level course.

Title: Children & Family Entertainment, A Historical Overview

Description: This is an examination and exploration of children and family multimedia entertainment, from the original Nickelodeons to Oculus Rift experiences for children.  We will examine patterns and aesthetics of successful storytelling techniques for viewers from 1 to 16.



  • Review and immerse in patterns and aesthetics of children’s entertainment.
  • Production analysis of children’s entertainment; how does form follow function?
  • How to cover challenging topics for children?



  1. Let your inner child out.
  2. No condescending and no cursing.
  3. No idea is too crazy or too weird.


Required Texts and/or Materials:

  • Jim Henson, The Biography
  • Walt Disney biography
  • Mr. Rogers biographical film, Won’t You Be My Neighbor
  • Children’s Psychology Books
  • The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell



  1. Nickelodeon machines and what influenced them.  An exploration of the hero’s journey.
  2. Silent Movie Child Actors and Silent Films for Children
  3. Walt Disney Studios, Steamboat Willie, and Mickey Mouse talkies
  4. Bugs, Daffy, and Porky and Morality Plays Examples
  5. Snow White and Seven other animated feature films
  6. The growth of children’s television, and PBS Kids
  7. Successful international children’s narratives
  8. Christian Propaganda Movies
  9. Post-modern deconstruction of children’s entertainment conventions.  AdventureTime, Steven Universe, Pixar, and more.
  10. Children’s narratives in video games
  11. Storytelling in children’s mobile apps
  12. VR and AR, selected children’s examples
  13. Final class presentation.



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