The Dancing Rabbit: Beth Dubber

As part of Greater And Grander’s ongoing focus of great artistry in the 21st century, we are highlighting several artists who are making a splash on the art scene.  Beth Dubber was born and raised in Cleveland, OH.  Dubber earned double B.A.’s in German and Studio Art from Cleveland State University. Making her way to Read more about The Dancing Rabbit: Beth Dubber[…]

Your Wildness Is too Strong

We build cages for you. Our fear is too great. The wildness in you both frightens and mesmerizes. We have seen you in your free range state. No controls, no boundaries, no limits. We could not abide. Our first and most powerful cage was, and is religion. We tell you the consequences of your actions Read more about Your Wildness Is too Strong[…]

The Baby Boomer

Baby Boomers Monologue (looking in a mirror, turns to camera) Oh! What the world needs now is love — a little baby-boomer self love. Don’t judge me, baby! We brought you civil rights, nuclear power, and Pop Tarts. You forgot about us! We’re still here. Living’ and breathin’. In fact, I have a gofundme to Read more about The Baby Boomer[…]

Henry, Get Your Flu Shot

Fluff in your ears, cough, vomiting, distracted by spider on ceiling, chewing on gum or food, shh, whisper, sign language, charades, wiping bad food off your tongue, sucking on straw or sucker, blow kisses, sneeze a lot, sleep, snore, yawn, rub eyes. Practice, satire, old, senior citizen Subscribe To Us On YouTube  

Henry Teaches Millenials How to Count Change

  Old Person (OP): Okay, so this isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is take the two quarters and add them together. Do you know how much a quarter is worth? ONE quarter is worth 25. So if you have TWO quarters…how much is that?   Young Person (YP): ……..   OP: Okay, Read more about Henry Teaches Millenials How to Count Change[…]

Congratulations! ACA is Under Attack!

Congratulations! Huge life announcement that I’m so excited to share with you all! The 2019 ACA (Affordable Care Act) enrollment period has been shortened from 90 days to 45 days (November 1- December 15, 2018) and the advertising budget to promote open enrollment has been slashed in an effort to further sabotage the program. That’s Read more about Congratulations! ACA is Under Attack![…]