Your Wildness Is too Strong

We build cages for you. Our fear is too great. The wildness in you both frightens and mesmerizes. We have seen you in your free range state. No controls, no boundaries, no limits. We could not abide. Our first and most powerful cage was, and is religion. We tell you the consequences of your actions will be an eternity in Hell. It worked for a while, and still does from time to time. But never for long. Your wildness is too strong. We then invented government. We made laws and rules. If eternity did not frighten you enough, we instituted corporal punishment. Prisons, chains, locks, bars, cages. But we would have to lock all of you up. Your wildness is too strong. We invented work and taxes and marriage and family and responsibility. And guilt. Lots of guilt. We try to control you with guilt. But your wildness is too strong. Nothing lasts for long with you. You continue to seek freedom. You continue to lust for life and for each other. We are running out of ideas. Your wildness is too strong. The committee has met and we have decided to try something new. We will set you all free. No authority, no regulations, no rules. Go. Run wild now. We will run with you for a while. Our curiousity is now strong. We want to know how it feels. We will abandon all caution. We will be wild too. Then when we are done, we will hunt you down and kill you.

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