Best Sources for Free Music Online

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive (FMA) is an online repository of royalty-free music. Established in 2009 by the East Orange, New Jersey community radio station WFMU and in cooperation with fellow stations KBOO and KEXP. It aims to provide music under Creative Commons licenses that can be freely downloaded and used in other works. The service launched with an emphasis on curating high-quality works in a manner “designed for the age of the internet”. Users can also “tip” musicians via donations.

While the Free Music Archive is free and open to anyone regardless of registration or other requirements, written and audio content is curated. Permission to upload/edit content is granted on an invitation basis.

In 2018, WFMU announced that it would shut down the FMA due to dwindling funding. In December 2018, the site was acquired by KitSplit and in 2019 by Tribe of Noise.

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YouTube Audio Library

We all know that YouTube doesn’t allow you to directly download all types of media files from its site. However, YouTube currently offers a large number of audio tracks for video producers to use as background music in their videos.

Until now, it is still impossible for a YouTube creator to know whether a specific track was allowed or not until after uploading a video. So finally, you find the YouTube Audio Library.

As one YouTube official stated, “Audio Library is a YouTube channel dedicated to search, catalog, sort and publish free music for commercial purposes, destined to content creators and filmmakers. Has over 900 free songs, sorted by artist, musical genre and mood.” You can use these audio tracks in your own work. You should be subject to the YouTube Terms of Service. “Royalty Free” doesn’t mean it’s free audio for you to download and do with it as you please. It just means you don’t pay any royalty fees.

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HitRecord is an online collaborative media platform founded and owned by actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The company uses a variety of media to produce such projects as short films, books, and DVDs.

Users are encouraged to remix other records and uploaded works on the website, provided that they are used on the website.

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Audio Network . com

Celebrating 17 years with a global team of over 150 around the world across 9 countries who can help you get the music you need to tell your story.

Audio Network’s Production music catalogue has 184,000+ high quality music for TV, film, advertising, and corporate video.

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