G&G Announces Call for Voice Actors: SK8HARD

In conjunction with the brilliant author, Kim Delgado, Greater & Grander announces a new audio podcast series for the teen comic book, SK8HARD.

SK8HARD is about a teenage skateboarder who gets telekinetic powers and has to win the neighborhood skate competition, deal with the local bullies, get away from kidnapping scientists, and save his town from impending disaster.

SK8HARD is announcing an open call for voice actors for this project. Voice recordings will be done from home, and in accordance with Covid-19 safety guidelines. Actors should have a high-quality home microphone.

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Audio Podcast (60 minutes total)
Project format: Audio Only
Production location: Los Angeles, but open to remote locations
Production Company: Greater & Grander
Compensation: None, copy and credit only. 1 Website/Social Media Link per actor in each podcast details description.

SK8HARD Characters


Tyler, a lithe blond-haired, blue-eyed pre-teen wonder.  Smart, agile and gen-x cool, Tyler is the personification of a good kid. He is intensely competitive and ingenious in coming up with new and exciting types of action moves for his Gen-X sporting abilities. These abilities are accented by his faith in justice and moral desire for fair-play. Tyler holds high ideals and plays by the “rules”… even when others do not.

Link, lanky African-American kid with a laid-back attitude which disguises his amazing speed. Link can skate faster, out-run, out roller-blade any kid in the neighborhood except Tyler. Link loves music and skates and works out to the lyrical beat of his “tunes”. Link plans on becoming a skating DJ matching his two loves at once.

Venus, super smart pre-teen who is “Valley Cool”. Her long red hair accents her bright green eyes and infectious smile. It’s evident that her like for Gen-X sports is superseded only by her crush on Tyler. Venus is a clothes maven who loves fashion and dreams of modeling Gen-X clothing and equipment.  

Hector, Latin-Native American mix with jet-black hair and a flowing pony tail. His intense eyes are products of his Cherokee Indian birthright. A daring skater and all around athlete, Hectors, second love is cars. He draws and creates new models and dreams of building low-rider bounce cars and trucks.

Janie, precocious spitfire and Tyler’s little sister. Constantly in her brother’s business, the bratty, brainy, scheming 8-year-old consistently tries to prove Tyler’s super powers to her parents. This creates a sibling rivalry on steroids.

Janie lives to get Tyler grounded, but secretly worships the ground her brother walks on.

Mogol, Jack Russell Terrier. This brainy pup adds some bark and bite to the crew’s adventures. His talent for sniffing out the best bones is supplanted only by his ability at being the best skateboarding pooch around! Mogol has a mind of his own and gets into doggie trouble creating headaches for Tyler and his team.


RICKY KINCAID: Pre-teen bully. Slicked back hair accents a devious crooked smile with bad teeth. This mean-spirited kid and his Marauder buddies find their way into trouble every chance they get.

Two misguided youths who accompany Ricky in his rat pack are MILLS AND BRETT.

BRETT: He’s so thin his nickname is “Pretzel”. A kid who is just along for whatever Ricky gets into.

MILLS: A greedy food monger who would steal candy from a baby or bones from a dog.


KATYA POLIN, an austere Russian scientist, with a perpetual scowl, rules her scientific domain with an iron fist and will do whatever is necessary to win a Nobel prize.

BRUNO HOFFMAN, a short, balding man with a thick German accent, is a multi talented physicist who lives to please his boss, Katya.

ELTON MASSON, a rail thin, nebbish Englishman with angular features, is a math brainiac who loves his tea (with a spot of milk). 

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