Greater & Grander Announces the “Y Not” Competition Cash Prize

Greater and Grander, a leading organization is searching for diverse, innovative teams to solve for rising climate catastrophes as a result of the climate change crisis.

In Los Angeles, CA, today, Greater & Grander, an organization that uses its global audience to find dynamic solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, announced their latest competition, the “Y NOT” prize. Inspired by Robert Kennedy’s famous quote, “Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” the Y Not Prize aims to reinvent thinking about climate, in order to address two birds with one stone. The prize will go to a team that finds a solution to Terraforming. The goal of the solution is to address both climate change on Earth, and Terraforming on the planet Mars. The competition, which kicks-off today, is sponsored by Greater and Grander.

Y NOT PRIZE Terraforming is about finding new solutions to oncoming crises. Y NOT PRIZE is searching for teams to develop a solution to terraform, and make large swaths of land inhabitable, using innovative means that can be applied to multiple worlds. Teams must prove terraforming can be done two-times faster than current solutions and must be affordable, accessible, and collaborative. The focus will be on currently barren lands that can be reengineered to provide resources to the masses. The goal is to set a new standard for how current and future generations of humans can utilize the land and terrain.

Y NOT PRIZE Terraforming is designed to address the reality of a changing planet where catastrophes are displacing humans at an unprecedented pace. Y NOT PRIZE Terraforming reimagines the entire geo-engineering process from blueprints to deployment, and we’re excited to work with new teams to help uplift the human race in the process.

In the current climate, this is especially important for Black and Latin/x populations. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) in the Guardian:

  • Killer heat is already affecting communities unequally: between 1971 and 2000, US counties with more than 25% black residents endured an average of 18 days with temperatures above 100F (38C) compared to seven days per year for counties with fewer than 25% African Americans.
  • By mid-century if Paris climate accord targets are not met, US counties with larger black populations will face a staggering 72 very hot days a year on average – compared with 36 days in counties with smaller African American populations, according to the UCS.
  • Latin communities also suffer disproportionately: historically, counties with more than a 25% Hispanic/Latinx residents experienced 13 days very hot days a year, rising to 49 by mid-century if greenhouse gas emissions are not curtailed.

Greater and Grander is thrilled to support Y NOT PRIZE and we believe that the teams selected will help us shape a more equitable future for mankind. We are focused on building a breakthrough portfolio to take on climate change challenges around the world, with an eye on driving resources and support to Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities who have unique proximity to solutions. Y NOT PRIZE Terraforming will help identify and accelerate solutions created by and for communities most impacted by decades of unfair policies and science-denying zealots. We look forward to seeing the outcomes.

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