G&G Seeks Programmers for New Startup

As part of Greater & Grander’s mission to push the boundaries of art and technology, we are seeking programmers for our new initiatives.

We are LOOKING FOR CODING PARTNER(S) to help develop a new tech company, and a partner who is interested in helping develop one of several ideas into a fully-fledged website/app.

Looking for programmers with interests and talents in any of the following areas: Social Media; Python; Mobile Applications (either iOS or Android); Scrapers; API’s; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Media Content Management; Location Tracking; IoT; Messaging; Search Engine Optimization; Barcode Scanning via Camera; Algorithm Creation.

We are seeking a sweat equity partner (no upfront payment). Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • A mailing list of 20,000 people.
  • We will cover all hard costs (servers, storage, etc.)
  • We can take care of art and graphics, and have a strong background in design, photoshop, Adobe Suite, etc.
  • Any profits from the website/app venture, will be split 50/50.

If interested, please submit info below.

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