Collective Folk Fiction Writing Competition Winners

We want to thank all 82 entrants who submitted works for the first annual Greater & Grander Collective Folk Fiction writing competition. We are still reviewing all the entries, and we are looking forward to announcing the winners by the end of January. In the meantime, please see all the locations our entrants submitted from, Read more about Collective Folk Fiction Writing Competition Winners[…]

G&G Seeks Programmers for New Startup

As part of Greater & Grander’s mission to push the boundaries of art and technology, we are seeking programmers for our new initiatives. We are LOOKING FOR CODING PARTNER(S) to help develop a new tech company, and a partner who is interested in helping develop one of several ideas into a fully-fledged website/app. Looking for Read more about G&G Seeks Programmers for New Startup[…]

Where Did Trump Gain Votes?

Donald Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election. Donald Trump lost a fair and free election by over 7 million votes. However, many people were surprised that Trump gained almost 12 million votes in the popular vote, compared to 2016. This is known as the incumbent bump, where many voters will support a candidate in their Read more about Where Did Trump Gain Votes?[…]

ACTION: Stop Super-spreader Events in Los Angeles

A request has been put out by the Poor People’s Campaign of Los Angeles, to directly combat the aggression and recklessness of Christian Nationalism. Sean Feucht, a self-described “missionary, artist, speaker, author, activist, and the founder of multiple worldwide movements” who has organized crowded outdoor concerts throughout the pandemic, is coming to Los Angeles. He Read more about ACTION: Stop Super-spreader Events in Los Angeles[…]

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Progressive Artists Zoom Group – Jan 20th

We are announcing a new initiative at Greater & Grander. We as progressive artists cannot sit idly by on the sidelines while the state of our country deteriorates. Therefore, we are announcing a bi-weekly meeting for Progressive Artists in conjunction with the Poor People’s Campaign Arts & Culture Working Group of L.A., although you do Read more about Progressive Artists Zoom Group – Jan 20th[…]

Greater & Grander Announces the “Y Not” Competition Cash Prize

Greater and Grander, a leading organization is searching for diverse, innovative teams to solve for rising climate catastrophes as a result of the climate change crisis. In Los Angeles, CA, today, Greater & Grander, an organization that uses its global audience to find dynamic solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, announced their latest Read more about Greater & Grander Announces the “Y Not” Competition Cash Prize[…]

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The Dancing Rabbit: Felipe Lima

Felipe Lima is an Ecuadorian computer graphics engineer, who always liked to create figures. He has turned that love of animated and clay-modeled characters into a passion for animation and 3D modeling using the program, Blender. His influences include the film, Toy Story, which changed his life. His biggest influences are cartoons, Charlie Chaplin movies, Read more about The Dancing Rabbit: Felipe Lima[…]

Republican California Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Pandemic Lockdown, Costing Lives

Republican California Sheriffs refuse to enforce Pandemic lockdown safety protocols, in a blatant attempt to spur on a recall of California Governor Newsom. One sheriff made a video filled with lies about Newsom and his family. This is another attempt by Republicans to use taxpayer money for their own political agenda, and undermine California’s liberal Read more about Republican California Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Pandemic Lockdown, Costing Lives[…]

Kim Delgado, African American, Filmmaker, Actor, Dancing Rabbit

The Dancing Rabbit: Kim Delgado

Kim Delgado has worn many hats in the entertainment industry which include: Writer, Director, Actor, Marketing Consultant, and Branding Creative Director. He has also taught screenwriting and acting as well as coaching actors for over twenty years. Why did you get into the entertainment industry?     I enjoyed the theater and felt great joy in my Read more about The Dancing Rabbit: Kim Delgado[…]