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Brand Share Video Production (BSVP) is a full-service strategic marketing, advertising, and branding entertainment agency that develops and produces innovative, integrated media solutions to grow any business.

We bridge the creative gap between Hollywood and Madison Avenue by hand-picking the most talented strategists, designers, writers, musicians, and visual storytellers capable of forging emotional connections between brands and consumers, across all media and technology platforms.

BSVP is here to service all your media and video production needs. We can create videos for your company on every scale, from a YouTube slideshow or testimonial boosting your business rankings, to a viral video, to a large scale HD commercial.

What is your past advertising experience?

We have produced commercials for the World Media Group and as well as an online campaign for Max Richards blazers.  We’ve also produced industrial and promotional pieces for Sangreal Press, and numerous music videos and shorts for the web.

What types of videos could you produce?

We have experience producing content for multimillion dollar shows on large TV networks, smaller projects, and individuals to help build a growing brand, including; 

  • Bonus and value added material
  • Customer testimonials
  • Training videos
  • Elaborate Productions
  • Slideshow Reels
  • Product Reels
  • Personal Reels

Why would I want a slideshow video?

Slideshow videos can be made quickly and efficiently, and can be made to show how your customers love your product.  They convey authenticity, and in conjunction with testimonial videos and Search Engine Optimization (specifically Google and YouTube optimization) they can be powerful tools to build a grass roots movement for your product.  When done well, they’re the smallest and most efficient video that can be produced.

What’s the largest video you’ve ever produced?

The largest videos we’ve produced have been a series of $50,000 web videos that were shot over a number of locations.

Could you edit a pitch reel from existing material?

Absolutely.  We can deliver it in both Standard Def and High Def specs, as well as web-friendly files in order to give you a range of options.

Could you help me shoot and edit an acting reel?

Absolutely.  We have partnerships with directors, writers, and producers to help build your reel at a very low price.

Can I purchase your services for my friends, family, and colleagues?

Yes, Greater and Grander makes it as easy as possible to provide services to our clients, including providing online Gift Certificates.  When you give Greater and Grander Gift Cards and Gift Certificates, the lucky recipients can redeem it at any time for whatever services they want, including script breakdown, creative coverage notes, in-depth consultations & tutorage, online marketing, video production, and more. Greater and Grander Gift Cards are the perfect way to give the gift of expertise and knowledge to benefit friends, family, and colleagues. If you have a son or daughter in film school, or in the midst of getting their first project off the ground, give them the gift of experience and a guiding hand to make their projects a reality.   

How does your long term service work?

We offer a low monthly payment option, during which time, all of our services are available to the client.  We require a minimum of three months in advance, and the monthly payment is dependent upon the type of company/project, and the types of services that will be needed long term.  Rather than a pay as you go method, this long term payment strategy allows the flexibility that many growing companies and projects need.

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