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Share for a New L.A. Flag

  This flag design was proposed by Ricardo Tomasz. It is designed to represent Los Angeles’ diversity, particularly in the culinary arts. The blue streams are meant to represent the optimistic sunrise that many new citizens feel upon arriving on Los Angeles’ shores. The X in black is meant to represent a final destination, while Read more about Share for a New L.A. Flag[…]

Opinion: Why Is California So Great

The reason California is such a success, the most powerful state economy in the country, is because we’ve embraced Liberal values! We have progressive taxes and reinvest that money into human infrastructure, like the UC system, like tradesman training programs, like creating jobs in research, technology, and green energy. If California takes a turn to Read more about Opinion: Why Is California So Great[…]

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5 Things You Can Do After The Las Vegas Terrorist Attack

We are not powerless! Here are 5 things you can do to help prevent gun violence: Look up your local blood bank, or call the red cross, and donate blood to help victims. Call your Congressional Representative (they work for you) and tell them to vote NO on dangerous gun silencers. Call your Senator, and Read more about 5 Things You Can Do After The Las Vegas Terrorist Attack[…]

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New Flag For New Los Angeles

  This flag design was proposed by Ricardo Tomasz. It’s designed to represent California Raptors and incorporates the current Los Angeles City flag.  The Raptor symbol also incorporates European flag designs such as Albania, Austria, and Spain.   The word “raptor” is the term used for a group of birds consisting of hawks, falcons, kites, Read more about New Flag For New Los Angeles[…]

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Vanilla Sky

In the film Vanilla Sky, David Aames is terribly scarred, his face mangled, and his spine and arm shattered. The one shining point of light in his life is his lover, Sophia, who David keeps imagining is Julie, the woman who tried to kill him. He finally discovers in the dramatic climax of the film Read more about Vanilla Sky[…]

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Frida – Hispanic Heritage Month

  The film Frida (2002) tells the story of the life and times of noted Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It follows her from a small school girl (beginning on the first day she meets her husband, Diego) to her very old age, after she has achieved prominent status in Mexico and the art world. Throughout Read more about Frida – Hispanic Heritage Month[…]

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Wild Steps of Heaven – Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we would like to review the Victor Villasenor novel, Wild Steps of Heaven. As I read “Wild Steps of Heaven” by Victor Villasenor, I was drawn in greatly by the texture and richness of the culture the book portrays. Following the story of the Villasenor family, it is divided into Read more about Wild Steps of Heaven – Hispanic Heritage Month[…]

Post Modernism and The Auteur Theory

There has been much debate about the concept of the modern auteur in filmmaking. Many say Fellini was a great auteur, because his films were ripped from his memories, his homeland, and the deepest corners of his psyche. Many say the Cohen Brothers are auteurs because of their unique visual style, and what Dr. Drew Read more about Post Modernism and The Auteur Theory[…]

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Los Angeles Flag Redesign!

Redesign Los Angeles City and County Flags Greater & Grander Media, one of the most preeminent vertically integrated design and media firms in Los Angeles County, is announcing a new initiative to redesign the Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City flags.   As noted by famed podcast, 99% Invisible, the flags of Los Angeles Read more about Los Angeles Flag Redesign![…]

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Great Products To Buy

1. 13 Months of Sunshine A drama about two Ethiopians who enter a marriage of convenience and struggle to maintain traditional values as they strive toward their dreams. 2. Virus X After being infected with a hyper-deadly virus mutation, five medical scientists must escape quarantine and force their way to freedom. Only a mysterious, silver-haired Read more about Great Products To Buy[…]