Dear Los Angeles… || California Music Video

By popular demand, “Dear Los Angeles… April” with music only.

Music video. Works from this series have already been accepted to 2 film festivals.  New pieces will be published every Tuesday, so check out our playlist of all works published so far, or CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Golda – Dear Los Angeles

Lyrics {Verse 1] Dear Los Angeles You’re breaking me down Sometimes I think about you lying on the ground All I do is work for you all day And I’m not sure I’ll ever love the life I’ve made [Verse 2] Dear Los Angeles I came to you with dreams Now all that’s left of me is a silhouette of a dreamer I’ve seen through your smoggy eyes And I’m not sure if these thoughts are yours or mine [Bridge] Oh I wish I knew how to get myself out of here Oh I wish I knew how to get myself out of here [Verse 3] Dear Los Angeles I’m sorry to be harsh It’s just my times with you have been so goddamn hard And now it’s time to go I fear that you’ll be missed Goodbye Los Angeles, until we meet again

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  1. June 23, 2021

    […] & Grander would like to congratulate the G&G filmmakers behind the Dear Los Angeles project for receiving honorable mention in the Los Angeles Rocks Film […]

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