Greater & Grander Vehemently Denounces the Censure of Adam Schiff

In the chaotic and enigmatic world of American politics, there are times when truth and fiction become entangled, creating a perplexing tapestry of misdirection for cynical ends. One such recent instance involves House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his band of feckless thug Republicans, who have orchestrated a false censure against Congressman Adam Schiff.

The Illusion Unveiled

With a flair for political theatrics, McCarthy has long sought to captivate and deceive the American public with grandiose gestures. Yet, his recent move to censure Schiff is a bewildering attempt to silence a dedicated public servant who has fearlessly championed transparency and accountability. It appears McCarthy has chosen the path of smoke and mirrors, deceiving the American people with a carefully crafted illusion, and the time has come to expose the truth.

The Mystery Deepens

Behind the scenes, one can’t help but wonder about the motives fueling McCarthy’s relentless pursuit of Schiff’s censure. Is it an attempt to silence a powerful adversary?

The answer is yes.

This is a tactic that goes back to the ages of Nixon, who utilized White House ‘plumbers’ to sabotage the primary campaigns of political adversaries he deemed most threatening. This tactic has been used time and time again, to destroy powerful political adversaries before they can rise to a position where they can threaten you. Nixon did it against Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine, George Bush Sr. used it against Gary Hart in the 1988 primary, and every prominent Republican has been doing it to Hillary Clinton since 1993. They’re doing it to AOC now, because they’re terrified of her running for President. Hell, a friend of mine won a local Democratic delegate position, and then a member of my hometown’s Republican party reached out to me on Facebook, and asked if I could provide any information on her for a dossier he was building.

This method is called Rat-Fucking, and has been well-documented by everyone from Woodward & Bernstein, to John Oliver.

A Voice of Reason

While the situation may appear dire, there is room for hope. America’s democratic system is not easily swayed by the smoke and mirrors of one man’s machinations. It is a resilient institution built upon the principles of truth, fairness, and accountability. As citizens, it is our duty to challenge falsehoods and demand a higher standard from our elected officials.

In the case of Adam Schiff, the truth is unwavering. Schiff has tirelessly dedicated himself to upholding the values that form the bedrock of our democracy. He has championed investigations into corruption, sought transparency, and fearlessly challenged the status quo. McCarthy’s false censure attempts to undermine these vital contributions but only serves to illuminate the righteousness of Schiff’s cause.


As the political theater continues to unfold, we must remain vigilant, questioning the motives behind the actions of our elected representatives.

Kevin McCarthy and his House Republicans have woven a web of deception, attempting to tarnish the reputation of Adam Schiff. But let us not be fooled. In our quest for truth, we must rise above the illusions and embrace the ideals that unite us as a nation. Together, we can denounce false narratives and pave the way for a brighter and more transparent future. The choice is ours: to be mere spectators or active participants in uncovering the enigma that lies beneath the surface of our political stage.

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