Letter to The Editor

Dear L.A. Times,

When I purchased a subscription to your paper, I sent a letter to the Editor, clearly stating I was doing so and expected you to uphold important principles, including:

“Not normalizing rumor-mongering, racist, and hate-filled behavior.

Covering protests accurately and impartially, both here in Southern California, and the rest of America.

Reporting on hate crimes and physical attacks against minorities.”

In your recent article, you paint Berkley protestors as criminals and violent demonstrators. You do not discuss the fact that the majority of Trump supporters were students from Off-Campus. You do not discuss the fact that the Trump supporters came with violent intentions, and violent weapons.

You also did not discuss the fact that a female protestor was punched in the face by a Trump supporter.  Here is the picture for your reference:

If the L.A. Times does not revise it’s story, then it will demonstrate that it cannot accurately cover the truth, in which case, I will be forced to cancel my subscription.


A Concerned Citizen

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