Ricardo Tomasz; Showcase in TOUCH

Greater & Grander would like to congratulate its member, Ricardo Tomasz, on his virtual showcase in TOUCH entitled ” Saying Goodbye to the Mask “.

“Touch is about more than just putting hands upon in any way or degree. Just as we touch an object, so do we touch the past, and touch those memories in which we used a mask to hide our true selves. 

Those memories are bitter, as we hide them with a mask. Touch the mask and touch the past. Feel the past. The past is alive, and it is full of juice. Melon juice. ” –@ricardotomasz

Ricardo Tomasz is a multidisciplinary artist, focusing on storytelling in his work, layering surreal, mythological, street, postmodern, and pop styles while using bright colors and iconography. He is most proud of his work making public murals for the City of Los Angeles. 

Try to see this photography, Saying-Goodbye-to-the-Mask by Ricardo Tomasz.

The artist fee for this selection will go towards the Alzheimer’s Association Charity.

Saying Goodbye to the Mask” by Ricardo Tomasz 

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