Scope Management, How to Project Manage a Hollywood Film!

It’s widely considered that film and movies began in Paris on December 28, 1895, when the Lumière brothers exhibited ten of their short films.  Since then, a predominantly project-based methodology has built up around the production of films and television shows, which took off mainly after 1948.  Today, film and television production methodology covers a wide range of techniques based on genre, format, and budget.  This lecture (presented in 10 parts) will distill the project management details of a film/TV project into this presentation.  We’ll cover how the PMBOK’s 10 knowledge areas are met in the management of a film/TV project, and also discuss paperwork and forms used for communication, and other facets.

Project Scope Management

Scope relates to the work of the project. So, that includes plan scope management, which is part of the project management plan. It also is when a detailed requirement for the final product or service is collected.

You’ll also need to define the scope in a scope statement. This is anything from a sentence to a bulleted list that is comprehensive to reduce major project risks. And a work breakdown structure (WBS), which is a graphic breakdown of project work, is another part of this area.

Validate scope during the project, which means making sure that the deliverables are being approved regularly by the sponsor or stakeholder. This occurs during the monitoring and controlling process groups and is about accepting the deliverables, not the specs laid out during planning.

The scope statement is likely going to change over the course of the project to control the scope, such as if a project falls behind schedule.

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