Social Justice Warriors; The Epic Animated TV Show

Greater & Grander productions is developing the next new hit TV show. Captain Planet meets John Oliver, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS.

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Seeing the Earth in its profound peril, the spirit of the Bull Moose summoned four youths from around America to become the Social Justice Warriors, a powerful force to fight back and educate others on how to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. To accomplish that task, each Warrior is given a crystal heart that bestows them each with their own powers.


A long time ago, in a land not too different from our own, the power and riches of a nation were consolidated in the hands of a few. Noone could live, eat, or thrive without their lives being touched by these men. Many raised their fists in protest, believing in the power of justice, but justice itself was controlled by these men, bribing police, judges, and politicians.

A spirit arose that would fight for justice, the strong and noble Bull-moose. The bull-moose gave power to 4 teenagers who promised to fight for justice, until they no longer could. Alas, while they fought long and hard, youth left them, and they grew old and unable to continue the struggle. The bull-moose laid to rest, until he was needed again.

Now, in a time of struggle, chaos, and corruption, the bull-moose has arisen again, and granted powers to four teenagers to fight for justice, as Social Justice Warriors.

Now, the wise and noble Bull Moose has granted 4 teenagers powerful crystal heart amulettes that control powerful forces.  Claire, with her shield controlling abilities and feisty spirit, Brian with his calm demeanor and powers of empathy, Diana with her cloning abilities and powers to heal, and Cooper with the ability to manipulate the plants of the Earth. Together, they are an unstoppable team, fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

When they combine their crystal hearts, and work together as a team, they can increase their powers exponentially.

Together, they will take on powerful villains like Gaslight and False God, who seek to destroy America from within.

Part Captain Planet, part John Oliver, our team of diverse titans will take our audience on a journey, speaking truth to power, and creating a safer democracy.



haven, sanctuary, asylum, cover, escape, harbor, hideaway, retreat, sanctum, shelter, resting place,

Safe Space / Claire – Claire is Native American, and a member of the Dine indigenous nation. She is kind and sweet, but sometimes has a selfish side. She cares most about Mental Health and taking care of one another, and teaches how that sometimes means taking care of yourself. Claire’s frequent clashes with her SJW teammates underscore her conflicted nature: she doesn’t know when to pick her battles. Her favorite type of science is behavioral science and psychology. As Safe Space, she has shield proficiency using her electric remote. Claire can trigger her shield with little effort, and also increase its size at will. She is quite skilled in wielding it, and able to use it in conjunction with her powers as a protective bubble. Overuse of her shield exhausts Claire (such as using it three times in one day). The shield is remarkably durable, able to withstand a charged shot from an enemy’s Warship. The shield also has reflective properties strong enough to reflect a laser fired from a scanning drone. Claire, when in great excitement, can throw her shield as a projectile with great speed and power. Claire can throw two shields at once and can boomerang her shield off of several targets, causing it to return to her hand. Her shield also has razor-sharp edges and can cut through substances as tough as solid rock before returning to her. On certain occasions (when the Warriors combine their crystal hearts) when Claire’s shield is hit, it emits light that disables magical constructs; she can use her shield to destabilize drones or cut through dark magic.

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Empathy / Brian – Brian is from Harlem, and is calm and spiritual. He loves great thinkers and philosophers, and can always offer advice to his friends when asked, in between his meditation breaks. As Empathy, Brian can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others, allowing him to understand introverts or discover one emotion is actually hiding another. Brian can attack someone in a personal and emotional way since he knows exactly what emotion is flowing through them and can use this knowledge to play against them. Occasionally, Brian can read emotional imprints left into an environment or objects. As an Empath, he can manipulate emotions on others, and possibly use them to empower himself. Occasionally, when the Warriors combine their crystal hearts, Brian can extend his power over/on vast number of sentient beings or reach extreme distances, even other levels of existence, but this drastically drains his energy. Brian is also completely immune to reality-altering powers, and sees through illusion. Some drones and villains will learn to develop Empathy resistant armor and helmets which prevents Empathy, but also inhibits their own reality bending powers.

leftist, liberal, progressive, revolutionary, left-wing,

Socialist / Diana – Diana is outwardly the smartest of our group, and wants to be a Medical Doctor.  She takes care of everyone else around her, but also has a temper when she feels nobody cares what she wants. As Socialist, Diana can instantly and perfectly replicate herself, numerous times, while usually being able to recombine the clones. The original target (or Diana prime) will normally be able to maintain control over all copies.  As a healer, Diana can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health, curing damaged or withered organisms, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and diseases/poisoning. Though Diana may potentially heal any form of bodily damage, the patient must be alive, even if hanging by a thin thread, in order to be healed.  Diana’s Slogan as Socialist: From the many, one!

Green Panther, activist, conservationist, ecologist, green activist, nature-lover, preservationist,

Treehugger / Cooper – Cooper is a charming and upbeat fellow. His favorite activities include watching classic movies and goofing around with friends. He loves comic books and graphic art.  Cooper is also Biracial, and will be coming to terms with his often-frustrating sister Brittany.  His favorite type of science is Biology, and as Treehugger, Cooper can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. Cooper can cause plants to grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and “walk”. In rare instances, like when the Warriors combine their crystal hearts, he can mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure and revive withered or dead plants.  Cooper can use his power for defense and support by growing plants from the ground and make them sprout seeds/fruits/berries, or even to possibly use plant chemicals to heal people or objects or manipulate their properties for a wide range of effects.


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counterrevolutionary, regressive, rightist, rigid, Tory, obscurantist, right, die-hard, old-line, orthodox, retrogressive, standpat, traditional, traditionalistic,

Reactionary – Bob was a high-power stock broker who cared more about money and chasing the next stock market surge than he cared about being a good person.  One night, he was struck by a meteorite from space, and absorbed its powers.  After he recovered, he had the power to instantly develop powers or abilities to deal with threats and his body dynamically learns from the experience.  This ability is only temporary, but in the heat of battle, his skin may become tough like armor, or provide fortified emotions.  He can also develop Enhanced Speed after being shot, or grow Dermal Armor, or gain the opposite power of his opponent, transforming his body into a disgusting monster.

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Gaslight – A former dancer, Belinda wanted to create something beautiful, a ballet, a play, an art museum with her name on it, something that would leave a lasting impression on the world, and make them remember her. Unfortunately, when a truck full of chemicals crashed into her car, they disfigured her, and gave her superpowers that made her feel isolated from those closest to her. As Gaslight, she can shape and manipulate fire within a certain range, releasing heat, light, and the destructive power of flames. Chemicals do not stop her, they only change the color and intensity of the flame. In addition, she can create, shape and manipulate reality just by thinking about it; her powers allow her to project images and sounds into her enemy’s mind. Brian, as Empathy, and his reality-restoring powers are the only tool the Social Justice Warriors have against Gaslight. Without Brian’s ability to see through false realities, Belinda can appear to alter something as tangible as physics, to something inconceivable like logic.

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Moose Limb Phobia – Saddam Hussein’s former bodyguard, and an escaped prisoner from a Maximum Security penitentiary in Iraq, Moose hated muslims, and wanted to kill as many as possible. While being held, he was experimented on by Military scientists who accidentally imbued him with the power to control darkness, but also drove him mad. In addition to his elevated strength, Moose can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, he can use darkness to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy, he can channel it to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance. Sometimes he can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons. Moose’s dark shield can be used directly against Safe Space’s shield powers.

fanatic, zealot, Tory, bourbon, extremist, fogy, mossback, praetorian, pullback, reactionary, right, right-winger, rightist, stick-in-the-mud, ultraconservative, bitter ender, dyed-in-the-wool, intransigent, old liner, standpat, standpatter, true blue,

Fundamentalist – Known by many names, Fundamentalist is an alien from a distant destroyed planet. The years of traveling through space have driven him mad, with a megalomaniacal desire for power. Fundamentalist can transform into any being mentioned in any mythological tale with all the abilities, powers and traits included. For example, he can transform into Zeus and wield lightning bolts. However, when transformed, he also suffers the weaknesses of that being (as Zeus, he is easily distracted by pretty women and underestimates them). Also, when Fundamentalist transforms into another being, he loses touch with reality and starts to believe he is actually that mythological being.


  • Moose Limb Phobia begins recruiting for his master plan, to ban Muslims from traveling to America, by launching a terrorist attack on the United States and blaming it on them. His plan is to blow up George Washington’s nose on Mount Rushmore, but the Warriors intercept him, and Diana uses her abilities to ambush him with all of her Socialist clones.
  • Reactionary attempts to steal all the food and toilet paper from a homeless shelter, and resell them for more than they’re worth. When the Warriors confront him, their powers are no use, because his body and skin reacts instantaneously to their attacks, so they have to use an unorthodox method to take him down.
  • Moose Limb Phobia hijacks a warship with the intent of blowing up a refugee camp.  The warriors intercept, and Claire uses her shield powers to disable the warship, and rescue all the refugees. 
  • Fundamentalist takes on the image of the Hindu goddess of Destruction, Nirṛti.  As Nirṛti, she convinces her followers that they must make war with other Hindu practitioners.  When the Warriors discover Fundamentalist, they must fight her off as she wields Nirrti’s dual-swords, while also not harming any of her followers, but they don’t know if they’ll be able to succeed in time.
  • The Warriors travel to Washington DC to lobby their representatives for Universal Healthcare, but Gaslight has plans of her own.  When the Warriors arrive, she casts a spell on them that makes them all want to walk into the Lincoln memorial, which is actually a fire pit.  Only Brian, with his reality protection powers sees through the illusion, and saves his comrades just in time.
  • The four Warriors are in Texas, promoting abortion rights and safe sex options to teenagers and college students. However, Fundamentalist tracks them down, and takes on the outward appearance of Jesus and convinces the students to attack our heroes. Now our heroes must defend themselves, not hurt the naive students, and defeat Fundamentalist.
  • The Warriors go to UC Berkeley to help Antifa fight off the Alt Right, but discover it was an ambush.  Gaslight has tricked them into entering a deadly trap.  Now our heroes must escape, or perish. 


The themes of the Show will include a diverse array of cultures, places, and ideas that reflect the diverse world in which it hopes to influence. Our four main warriors will travel America and the world to explore, learn, and promote freedom and democracy. The four Warriors will go on missions to build clinics in Africa, fight gangs in central America, and promote LGBT rights in Russia, and uncover our villains in the process.

The show will also have a hybrid approach to our heroes blending multiple genres, including superhero, science-fiction, and magical realism.

The structure of each show will follow a strict Hero’s Journey format, with our four Social Justice Warriors alternating to fill in for the hero/main character role, and using their powers to work together and to defeat the villain.


The Social Justice Warriors are united by seven common principles:

  1. Friendship: The positive merits of mutually supportive comrades are always on display, with a focus on how friendship can transcend deep divides.
  2. Respect: As a value, it underpins inclusion, vital in widening participation, to extend beyond elites, to include girls and women as respected, equal players, to honor the disabled, and to include the disadvantaged.
  3. Excellence: It can only be achieved with ambitious goals and hard work to attain them. That means dealing with disappointment and learning from it to achieve more. Reaching for what can be achieved, setting the bar high, and moving there.
  4. Determination: It is related to sustainability and, more broadly still, to the will and grit required to achieve demanding goals.
  5. Inspiration: A central attraction of social justice is the sheer beauty of seeing what a human being or collective team can achieve, which allows the human spirit to soar.
  6. Courage: Courage is essential to achievement, whether it is fighting a strong foe, or risking embarrassment to achieve a lofty goal.
  7. Equality: It is about teamwork as a universal imperative. The essence of teamwork is to build on differences, and on different experience. Partnership and cooperation are vital.


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