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13 Ways To Organize A Group Of Artists

Artists are not known for their organizing prowess. Most artists work and create alone, but on occasion, an artist may need to team up with other artists in order to accomplish a large project. Some artists band together in collectives or cooperatives. So, for the artist who is trying to team up and accomplish a Read more about 13 Ways To Organize A Group Of Artists[…]

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The 21 Film Festivals You Need to Submit Your Short Film To

In today’s modern age, we are blessed and inundated with film festivals from around the world to around the block. Greater & Grander has made it easier for filmmakers with this handy guide on when the best 21 film festivals from around the world open their calls, and when their regular deadlines are. Submission Date Read more about The 21 Film Festivals You Need to Submit Your Short Film To[…]

Balloons of Hollywood

This week’s contribution comes from noted artist, and Greater and Grander contributor, Ricardo Tomasz. Art adds unique color to our streets and beautifies our communities. That’s why Los Angeles District 4 councilmember, David Ryu, announced his groundbreaking Utility Box Art Program in November 2017 to improve Los Angeles neighborhoods while supporting local artists. This program Read more about Balloons of Hollywood[…]

New Flag For New Los Angeles County

This flag design was proposed by Ricardo Tomasz. Its redesign (right) incorporates good flag design principles, as well as meaningful symbolism. It includes sunrise/set for hope, waves for the Pacific ocean, and 5 red circles to represent the 5 districts of L.A. County. The circle is also the shape of equality (such as King Arthur Read more about New Flag For New Los Angeles County[…]

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The Solution to Winning the Art Race That No One is Talking About

America is losing the Art Race to Europe and Russia. As has been discussed by our contributor, Ricardo Tomasz, Art is a precious natural resource, and there is a worldwide Art Race, where certain countries benefit from a better quality of life because of their artist communities. In America, we do not have publicly funded Read more about The Solution to Winning the Art Race That No One is Talking About[…]

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Greater & Grander Art Advisory provides comprehensive art sourcing solutions for collectors, interior designers, and developers. Allow us to assist you in finding the perfect art pieces for your design project. With access to collections and artists around the world, we will work with you and your budget to find a customized solution for your Read more about ART SOURCING SOLUTIONS[…]

Art Consultant & Advisory

Greater & Grander is a dedicated corporate art consultancy who understands that a successful art program will include both the aesthetic and financial targets of the corporate group. We have contacts with gallery owners in Los Angeles, Paris, and all around the world. It is important to identify both short and long term goals for Read more about Art Consultant & Advisory[…]

The Godfather – 47 Years Ago

47 years ago this week, the Godfather opened to historic audience acceptance. A society’s moral code is never solid or tangible. It is fluid, ever-changing, and selective. In Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, we meet several characters who are heinous criminals, a sampled cross-section of the Italian-American gangster sub-culture. While the mobsters go about stealing, Read more about The Godfather – 47 Years Ago[…]

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America Is Losing The Art Race

By Ricardo Tomasz and Hannah Sparks The American art community is in shambles, and America is losing the Art Race. I use the term “race” intentionally because art is truly a natural resource. After decades of undermining the infrastructure that supports American art (NEA, media campaigns, slashing Arts in schools), those that seek to destroy Read more about America Is Losing The Art Race[…]