5 Things Trump is Planning as an October Surprise

Forget the current polls. They are meaningless. Unless we turn out EVERYONE . . . TRUMP CAN WIN. Here are some of the ways. 1. Claim He Has Cured Covid-19 The greatest con man and “Snake Oil Salesman” in history will declare in late October that, because of him, a safe and effective VACCINE that Read more about 5 Things Trump is Planning as an October Surprise[…]

G&G Endorses Joe Biden

For the first time in its history, Greater & Grander is endorsing a Presidential candidate. One of the things we care about most is education.  We can’t have a free and fair country without a solid public education system.  And if there’s one thing I can say about Joe Biden, he has consistently supported education Read more about G&G Endorses Joe Biden[…]