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The Cask of Amontillado

To celebrate Halloween, we evaluate one of Edgar Allen Poe’s greatest pieces. Edgar Allen Poe has often been hailed as the greatest horror writer in literature. Born in 1809, his life was brief and marred by his alcoholism and abuse of drugs. His most famous poem, “The Raven” is most remembered for its simplicity. However, Read more about The Cask of Amontillado[…]

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Saving Private Ryan: The Art of Editing

In Saving Private Ryan (1998) eight American soldiers are confronted with critical situations in the heat of battle. They are forced to make choices between benevolence and death. Some choose a weaker road, and lose their courage, while others take a higher path of sacrifice and strength. As we examine the narrative style of Saving Read more about Saving Private Ryan: The Art of Editing[…]

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Vanilla Sky: The Art of Editing

In the film Vanilla Sky, David Aames is terribly scarred, his face mangled, and his spine and arm shattered. The one shining point of light in his life is his lover, Sophia, who David keeps imagining is Julie, the woman who tried to kill him. He finally discovers in the dramatic climax of the film Read more about Vanilla Sky: The Art of Editing[…]