Iron Flogger – Episode 3, Chapter 1

Violet looked out over the illuminated city, as the full moon cast its pale light. The wind gently blew her hair as she gazed down. “I want to plant pipe bombs in turkeys, and watch as explosions ripple across neighborhoods on Thanksgiving afternoon.” She said in a hushed voice. “I want to burn the Amazon Read more about Iron Flogger – Episode 3, Chapter 1[…]

Chorus of Conservative Hate

Most election years are tense, but with the added anxiety of Trump possibly losing the Presidency, a chorus of conservative hate has arisen online. Several Trumpsters want to take the law into their own hands, and roam the internet like criminals, anarchists, and looters, setting a fire in the comments section of anyone they disagree Read more about Chorus of Conservative Hate[…]

6 Ways Lazy People Can Make The World a Better Place

Let’s face it, we’re tired, we’re busy, we’re overwhelmed. We don’t have a lot of time to volunteer to help the world. However, thanks to modern technology, there are now a number of ways you can change a few simple things in your life that can have a profound impact for good. 1. Switch Your Read more about 6 Ways Lazy People Can Make The World a Better Place[…]

Social Justice Warriors; The Epic Animated TV Show

Greater & Grander productions is developing the next new hit TV show. Captain Planet meets John Oliver, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS. Copyright 2020 All Interested Parties Call  (424) 253-5559 LOGLINE Seeing the Earth in its profound peril, the spirit of the Bull Moose summoned four youths from around America to become the Social Justice Warriors, a Read more about Social Justice Warriors; The Epic Animated TV Show[…]

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Dirty Deeds From A Devious Son Of A Bitch

Marcus didn’t like being called Marcus. He liked Mark, Marky, even Mercutio on occasion, but it was Marcus that he hated. Marcus reminded him of all the twisted dark memories, arrogant teachers, and run-ins with the law he had back in Delaware. He had come to Los Angeles to forget all that. No job, no Read more about Dirty Deeds From A Devious Son Of A Bitch[…]

New Flag For New Los Angeles County

This flag design was proposed by Ricardo Tomasz. Its redesign (right) incorporates good flag design principles, as well as meaningful symbolism. It includes sunrise/set for hope, waves for the Pacific ocean, and 5 red circles to represent the 5 districts of L.A. County. The circle is also the shape of equality (such as King Arthur Read more about New Flag For New Los Angeles County[…]

Hope On A Clear Day in Paint, Buy Art Online

Buy art online, purchase beautiful art for your home. This week’s contribution comes from noted artist, and Greater and Grander contributor, Ricardo Tomasz.

Interview With Filmmaker Willow Polson

Willow Polson is an award-winning writer-producer with decades of experience who creates entertainment that educates, inspires, and makes the world a better place. When not working she enjoys growing African violets and doing crafts like embroidery and beadwork. She lives in Northern California near Yosemite with her husband, son, a few cats, a variety of Read more about Interview With Filmmaker Willow Polson[…]

California’s Proposition 13 Needs Reform

Howard Jarvis lied to us in 1978.  He convinced us to vote for Proposition 13 by telling us that it would protect homeowners from rising property taxes.  He failed to tell us that corporations would also get the same benefit.  And, since residential properties change hands and are reassessed more often than commercial properties, after Read more about California’s Proposition 13 Needs Reform[…]