California’s Proposition 13 Needs Reform

Howard Jarvis lied to us in 1978.  He convinced us to vote for Proposition 13 by telling us that it would protect homeowners from rising property taxes.  He failed to tell us that corporations would also get the same benefit.  And, since residential properties change hands and are reassessed more often than commercial properties, after Read more about California’s Proposition 13 Needs Reform[…]

G&G Announces The Future

For too long, America has lacked a vision for the future. With the impending doom of climate change, income inequality, and corruption in our political system, we have lacked a vision for how America will cope and thrive in a changing world landscape. That is why Greater & Grander is hosting an essay writing contest Read more about G&G Announces The Future[…]

Call or email your California reps to vote YES on these education Bills

􀀌AB 1505 A charter school’s authorization, renewal, and appeal would be made by the affected school district’s governing board. What does that mean? This bill places all charter-granting authority in the hands of local school district boards. Under current law school, districts can only deny a charter if they make specific findings. The bill also Read more about Call or email your California reps to vote YES on these education Bills[…]

I Volunteered For A Winning Candidate, but a Failed Campaign

As part of resisting the Trump agenda, I signed up with Sister District to help flip a nearby congressional district from red to blue. So, I canvassed and phonebanked, to out the Republican incumbent. The candidate in question had voted with Trump 98.6% of the time. I followed the race closely, and 3 Democrats rose Read more about I Volunteered For A Winning Candidate, but a Failed Campaign[…]

Top 5 Educational YouTube Channels for Adults, Top 5 Educational Sites for Adults

Top 5 Educational Sites for Adults

Greater and Grander is expanding our team, and we are reaching out to 3rd parties for growth opportunities and business partnerships.  One important initiative is educational sites for adults. So, we wanted to take a moment and pay homage to those who came before us. We recommend you subscribe to these channels, and enjoy the world Read more about Top 5 Educational Sites for Adults[…]