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One More Time…

The smoke and dust were settling, glimmering in the sunset. He laid there on the ground, impaled through his stomach. Before it was too late, she wanted to look into his eyes one more time. She knelt down. “It’s gonna be OK. Everyone’s going to be safe now.” she said. “I know.” He whispered, trying Read more about One More Time…[…]

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The Night Before by archie nicholson

Once upon a time, it had all been so simple.  Donni could remember clearly how it had felt to be blissfully unaware of everything, not ever  doubting what they thought they knew. While it hadn’t made life easier, it certainly made living simpler. There wasn’t ever a reason to look deeper into events or to Read more about The Night Before by archie nicholson[…]

“6 Good Things About 2020” Collective Folk Fiction Short Story Competition Winners

We want to thank all entrants who submitted works for the first annual Greater & Grander Collective Folk Fiction writing competition. You can see the winner and runners up, and download the ebook below. We truly appreciate all the time and energy that went into making this project come to life and are incredibly grateful Read more about “6 Good Things About 2020” Collective Folk Fiction Short Story Competition Winners[…]

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G&G Announces Call for Voice Actors: SK8HARD

In conjunction with the brilliant author, Kim Delgado, Greater & Grander announces a new audio podcast series for the teen comic book, SK8HARD. SK8HARD is about a teenage skateboarder who gets telekinetic powers and has to win the neighborhood skate competition, deal with the local bullies, get away from kidnapping scientists, and save his town Read more about G&G Announces Call for Voice Actors: SK8HARD[…]

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We’re Not In Kansas Anymore It was a quiet peaceful field outside the town of Hunter, Kansas.  The amber stalks of grain waxed and wained with the blowing wind.  Desolate and deserted, the sun lay low in the sky casting an odd glow on an unremarkable evening, except for one unexpected visitor.    No one noticed Read more about THE PARALELLICON – Chapter 2[…]

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She Kindly Stopped For Me Megan Huntsman sat quietly in her jail cell, as she heard the footsteps echo down the long concrete hall.  She welcomed the footsteps, because without them there was the loud reverberating tick tock of the second hand as it passed.  To her, every second was a minute, every minute an Read more about THE PARALELLICON – Chapter 1[…]

Social Justice Warriors; The Epic Animated TV Show

Greater & Grander productions is developing the next new hit TV show. Captain Planet meets John Oliver, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS. Copyright 2020 All Interested Parties Call  (424) 253-5559 LOGLINE Seeing the Earth in its profound peril, the spirit of the Bull Moose summoned four youths from around America to become the Social Justice Warriors, a Read more about Social Justice Warriors; The Epic Animated TV Show[…]

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Dirty Deeds From A Devious Son Of A Bitch

Marcus didn’t like being called Marcus. He liked Mark, Marky, even Mercutio on occasion, but it was Marcus that he hated. Marcus reminded him of all the twisted dark memories, arrogant teachers, and run-ins with the law he had back in Delaware. He had come to Los Angeles to forget all that. No job, no Read more about Dirty Deeds From A Devious Son Of A Bitch[…]

Your Wildness Is too Strong

We build cages for you. Our fear is too great. The wildness in you both frightens and mesmerizes. We have seen you in your free range state. No controls, no boundaries, no limits. We could not abide. Our first and most powerful cage was, and is religion. We tell you the consequences of your actions Read more about Your Wildness Is too Strong[…]