Kim Delgado, African American, Filmmaker, Actor, Dancing Rabbit

The Dancing Rabbit: Kim Delgado

Kim Delgado has worn many hats in the entertainment industry which include: Writer, Director, Actor, Marketing Consultant, and Branding Creative Director. He has also taught screenwriting and acting as well as coaching actors for over twenty years. Why did you get into the entertainment industry?     I enjoyed the theater and felt great joy in my Read more about The Dancing Rabbit: Kim Delgado[…]

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Why I Quit Hollywood, and 5 Reasons You Should Consider It

I fell in love with filmmaking as a teenager, and I was determined to be a filmmaker, specifically a producer.  I set my sights on USC because on a list of film schools, they were ranked as the best in the world.  So, because I was a Shakespeare geek in high school, I sent in Read more about Why I Quit Hollywood, and 5 Reasons You Should Consider It[…]

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The 21 Film Festivals You Need to Submit Your Short Film To

In today’s modern age, we are blessed and inundated with film festivals from around the world to around the block. Greater & Grander has made it easier for filmmakers with this handy guide on when the best 21 film festivals from around the world open their calls, and when their regular deadlines are. Submission Date Read more about The 21 Film Festivals You Need to Submit Your Short Film To[…]

Hope On A Clear Day in Paint, Buy Art Online

Buy art online, purchase beautiful art for your home. This week’s contribution comes from noted artist, and Greater and Grander contributor, Ricardo Tomasz.

The Godfather – 47 Years Ago

47 years ago this week, the Godfather opened to historic audience acceptance. A society’s moral code is never solid or tangible. It is fluid, ever-changing, and selective. In Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, we meet several characters who are heinous criminals, a sampled cross-section of the Italian-American gangster sub-culture. While the mobsters go about stealing, Read more about The Godfather – 47 Years Ago[…]

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Seeking Submissions for Puppet Videos

Los Angeles – As part of’s ongoing Puppet Experiments project, we are announcing a series of puppet related videos which will be in production during November of 2018, and will post in December and in early 2019.  Our previous announcement, PUPPET EXPERIMENTS is open for wide-collaboration on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaborative platform, hitRECord. PUPPET EXPERIMENTS is Read more about Seeking Submissions for Puppet Videos[…]

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How Culture and Authority Shape Our Internal Self

  The media plays an important role in society, both in how we view ourselves and each other. Those most prone to the media are children, who in this time of working parents, will be left to be raised by television shows such as Sesame Street, Saturday morning cartoons, and MTV. These early stages of Read more about How Culture and Authority Shape Our Internal Self[…]

How To Build A Team – Part 1

I recently returned from a trip to the Cannes Film Festival in France. I was able to take a detour, and spend a day with an old friend from film school, David. He had decided that film wasn’t for him, and became a photographer instead because he liked the mobility and freedom, whereas film required Read more about How To Build A Team – Part 1[…]


In preparation of full launch of Vote Solutions for All People in 2020*, Los Angeles County is seeking public input via their Vote Center Placement Project (VCPP).  This is our opportunity to contribute to voting rights in California! If no vote centers are suggested in certain neighborhoods, huge groups of African-Americans and Hispanics will be Read more about VOTING RIGHTS PROJECT: Los Angeles![…]