Trump Supporters Bring Shame on Themselves

My great aunt survived Auschwitz, and I can tell you that it started when someone like Donald Trump took power and started belittling others.  He started going after Immigrants, going after people of different religions, going after women, going after reporters, and going after ‘socialists.’  As a result, here, in the United States, Donald Trump Read more about Trump Supporters Bring Shame on Themselves[…]

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G&G Announces Collaborative Media Project: BLUE GRIZZLIES on hitRECord

Los Angeles – As part of’s ongoing mission of pushing the envelope, we are announcing a new project.  BLUE GRIZZLIES is open for wide-collaboration on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaborative platform, hitRECord.   BLUE GRIZZLIES is a Progressive activist group that formed after the 2016 election. It produces media on Progressive Education surrounding its 9 point FREEDOM Read more about G&G Announces Collaborative Media Project: BLUE GRIZZLIES on hitRECord[…]