The Godfather – 47 Years Ago

47 years ago this week, the Godfather opened to historic audience acceptance. A society’s moral code is never solid or tangible. It is fluid, ever-changing, and selective. In Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, we meet several characters who are heinous criminals, a sampled cross-section of the Italian-American gangster sub-culture. While the mobsters go about stealing, Read more about The Godfather – 47 Years Ago[…]

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Class Offering, Children’s Entertainment Lectures and Syllabus

As part of Greater And Grander’s Public Speaking Engagements, we are provide information below on a new offering. A College Level class, or series of lectures, on children’s entertainment, provided by our experienced Producers and speakers, each with over a decade of experience in the Film and Television industry.  Below is a synopsis of lecture Read more about Class Offering, Children’s Entertainment Lectures and Syllabus[…]

How Culture and Authority Shape Our Internal Self

  The media plays an important role in society, both in how we view ourselves and each other. Those most prone to the media are children, who in this time of working parents, will be left to be raised by television shows such as Sesame Street, Saturday morning cartoons, and MTV. These early stages of Read more about How Culture and Authority Shape Our Internal Self[…]

How To Build A Team – Part 1

I recently returned from a trip to the Cannes Film Festival in France. I was able to take a detour, and spend a day with an old friend from film school, David. He had decided that film wasn’t for him, and became a photographer instead because he liked the mobility and freedom, whereas film required Read more about How To Build A Team – Part 1[…]

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Top 7 Characters Played by Multiple Actors

Stepping into the roles of a great character, such as Hamlet or MacBeth is hard enough.  However, it’s even harder when that same character was recently played by a beloved and still living actor.  In celebration of the actors we love, below is a list of the top 7 characters to transcend the actors who Read more about Top 7 Characters Played by Multiple Actors[…]

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What Every Filmmaker Needs to Get Their Script Made…

Thousands of screenwriters across the country, and around the world are taught by articles and film schools that they just need to find someone with enough money to spend, pitch them, and then they’ll be wowed by their passion and enthusiasm that they will invest. This is not the case. When speaking with sophisticated investors, Read more about What Every Filmmaker Needs to Get Their Script Made…[…]

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Top 8 Hilarious Movie Trailer Parodies

Hilarious Trailer Parodies The Shining Deer Hunter Jaws Groundhog Day Mary Poppins Fast and the Furious Lord of The Rings Brokeback Mountain   High Quality Video Editing! If you’re looking for high quality video editing for either a personal project, or for your business, then sign up below, and we’ll send you a free quote. Read more about Top 8 Hilarious Movie Trailer Parodies[…]

Top 10 Counterculture Coming-of-age stories

Top 10 Counterculture Coming-of-Age Movies

Top 10 Counterculture Coming-of-Age Movies We all remember the classic films of our formidable years, and have our favorite top 10 movies.  The movies that taught us how to laugh.  The movies that taught us how to love.  And the movies that taught us how to grow up.  These classic coming-of-age stories like American Pie, Superbad, and Read more about Top 10 Counterculture Coming-of-Age Movies[…]