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Progressive Artists Zoom Group

In light of the recent election updates, we are announcing a new initiative at Greater & Grander. We as progressive artists cannot sit idly by on the sidelines while the state of our country deteriorates. Therefore, we are announcing a new weekly meeting called, Progressive Artsists. When I went to film school, my colleagues and Read more about Progressive Artists Zoom Group[…]

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G&G Announces Collaborative Media Project: VOTERS VIDEO SERIES

Los Angeles – As part of’s ongoing mission of pushing the envelope, we are announcing a new project.  Collaborating with members of the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) Los Angeles chapter, Arts & Culture committee, we will be creating a series of videos on enfranchising the poor, and the right to vote. Future installments will Read more about G&G Announces Collaborative Media Project: VOTERS VIDEO SERIES[…]

List of Trump Supreme Court Nominees Leaked

In a stunning reveal, Greater and Grander has received a leaked version of the President Trump’s supreme court picks. They include: Maryanne Trump Barry (President Trump’s sister) Rudy Giuliani (caught masturbating on film) Kris Kobach (open white supremacist) Former Governor Mike Huckabee Senator Rick Scott Oil Executive Forrest Lucas Former Governor Sarah Palin Rep. Duncan Read more about List of Trump Supreme Court Nominees Leaked[…]

We Must Stop Putting Our Heroes on Pedestals, For They Topple Too Easily

As is the custom in an election year, I keep getting into fights on Facebook over political matters. Because of the online spaces I inhabit, the general theme is, Joe Biden is a terrible candidate, and not a true progressive, and not as good as Bernie Sanders. The unfortunate mistake that Bernie Sanders supporters keep Read more about We Must Stop Putting Our Heroes on Pedestals, For They Topple Too Easily[…]

The Ultimate Progressive Agenda

A new constitution to free ourselves of the mistakes of the past, and end the white supremacy of the original Constitution. We need a fresh start. Ranked Choice Voting and Proportional Representation. As much as possible an end to geographic representation, which will by default end gerrymandering. Dissolution of the “two” parties that dragged us Read more about The Ultimate Progressive Agenda[…]

Chorus of Conservative Hate

Most election years are tense, but with the added anxiety of Trump possibly losing the Presidency, a chorus of conservative hate has arisen online. Several Trumpsters want to take the law into their own hands, and roam the internet like criminals, anarchists, and looters, setting a fire in the comments section of anyone they disagree Read more about Chorus of Conservative Hate[…]

5 Things Trump is Planning as an October Surprise

Forget the current polls. They are meaningless. Unless we turn out EVERYONE . . . TRUMP CAN WIN. Here are some of the ways. 1. Claim He Has Cured Covid-19 The greatest con man and “Snake Oil Salesman” in history will declare in late October that, because of him, a safe and effective VACCINE that Read more about 5 Things Trump is Planning as an October Surprise[…]

What is Accelerationism?

Accelerationism is the idea that Capitalism should be accelerated instead of reformed in order to bring about it’s early self-destructive tendencies. According to Wikipedia; In political and social theory, accelerationism is the idea that capitalism, or particular processes that historically characterised capitalism, should be accelerated instead of overcome in order to generate radical social change. “Accelerationism” may also refer more broadly, Read more about What is Accelerationism?[…]

6 Ways Lazy People Can Make The World a Better Place

Let’s face it, we’re tired, we’re busy, we’re overwhelmed. We don’t have a lot of time to volunteer to help the world. However, thanks to modern technology, there are now a number of ways you can change a few simple things in your life that can have a profound impact for good. 1. Switch Your Read more about 6 Ways Lazy People Can Make The World a Better Place[…]

G&G Endorses Joe Biden

For the first time in its history, Greater & Grander is endorsing a Presidential candidate. One of the things we care about most is education.  We can’t have a free and fair country without a solid public education system.  And if there’s one thing I can say about Joe Biden, he has consistently supported education Read more about G&G Endorses Joe Biden[…]