Lin-Manuel Miranda Announces Obama Musical “Yes We Can”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and original star of “Hamilton,” will return to the Broadway in early 2019 with his new musical “Yes We Can” about the life and presidency of Barack Obama. Standing in front of his Harlem-based home, Miranda announced his inspiration, “In light of these troubling times, and seeing what the current administration Read more about Lin-Manuel Miranda Announces Obama Musical “Yes We Can”[…]

7 Reasons Why Villaraigosa Was A Great Mayor

So, I was at an event this morning, and got into a huge argument with some asshole about Villaraigosa. The argument was about if Villaraigosa was a good mayor. I put forth arguments about why he was a good mayor (which he was) and the other guy didn’t have any facts, he just said, “No, Read more about 7 Reasons Why Villaraigosa Was A Great Mayor[…]

Opinion: Why Is California So Great

The reason California is such a success, the most powerful state economy in the country, is because we’ve embraced Liberal values! We have progressive taxes and reinvest that money into human infrastructure, like the UC system, like tradesman training programs, like creating jobs in research, technology, and green energy. If California takes a turn to Read more about Opinion: Why Is California So Great[…]

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5 Things You Can Do After The Las Vegas Terrorist Attack

We are not powerless! Here are 5 things you can do to help prevent gun violence: Look up your local blood bank, or call the red cross, and donate blood to help victims. Call your Congressional Representative (they work for you) and tell them to vote NO on dangerous gun silencers. Call your Senator, and Read more about 5 Things You Can Do After The Las Vegas Terrorist Attack[…]

A Letter to the Editor

Dear Jewish Journal,   I am a Jew, and my great aunt survived Auschwitz. Last weekend, I listened to one of your editors at a private event brag about how in embracing bipartisanship, that you employ Dennis Prager, who discusses right-wing viewpoints.   I haven’t read Dennis Prager’s articles in the JJ, but I am Read more about A Letter to the Editor[…]

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Letter to The Editor

Dear L.A. Times, When I purchased a subscription to your paper, I sent a letter to the Editor, clearly stating I was doing so and expected you to uphold important principles, including: “Not normalizing rumor-mongering, racist, and hate-filled behavior. Covering protests accurately and impartially, both here in Southern California, and the rest of America. … Read more about Letter to The Editor[…]

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Politics and a Fear of Flying, by guest Author Kitty Stallings

I am afraid to fly. I know all of the statistics about how safe it is and that it’s the only way to travel if you’re going a long distance. I know all of that. It’s of little use to me when I’m sitting in my seat on a plane barreling down the runway and Read more about Politics and a Fear of Flying, by guest Author Kitty Stallings[…]

A Word From Bobby Kennedy

After this last election, and as the dust settles, I would like to offer these healing words, from Robert Kennedy.   It is not a day for politics. I save this one opportunity, my only event of today, to speak briefly to you about the mindless menace of violence in America, which again stains our Read more about A Word From Bobby Kennedy[…]

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Hamilton Electors, Congress, and the 20th Amendment: The Craziest What If Scenarios

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about “Hamilton Electors” (members of the Electoral College who are allowed to vote against their state’s popular vote).  More talk has been risen about the irregularities in voting in three key states: Pennsylvania; Michigan; and Wisconsin.  Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, has even launched a fundraising campaign Read more about Hamilton Electors, Congress, and the 20th Amendment: The Craziest What If Scenarios[…]

Top 5 Educational YouTube Channels for Adults, Top 5 Educational Sites for Adults

Top 5 Educational Sites for Adults

Greater and Grander is expanding our team, and we are reaching out to 3rd parties for growth opportunities and business partnerships.  One important initiative is educational sites for adults. So, we wanted to take a moment and pay homage to those who came before us. We recommend you subscribe to these channels, and enjoy the world Read more about Top 5 Educational Sites for Adults[…]