The Ballot or The Bullet

Malcolm X was a legendary civil rights leader in the 1960’s, known for his iconic quote, “By any means necessary.”  In 1964, Malcolm X took the stage before a crowd and delivered one of the most powerful civil rights speeches in American History, entitled the Ballot or the Bullet.  In it, he asked the African-American Read more about The Ballot or The Bullet[…]

G&G Seeking Interns

Greater And Grander is a small art and politics focused website based in Los Angeles, California.  Greater And Grander is launching and supporting several grass roots and people powered campaigns to promote social justice.   A project-based internship with Greater And Grander is a great opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain hands on Read more about G&G Seeking Interns[…]

Why We Need to Cap CEO Pay

If you have any doubt about our country’s disappearing middle class, check out the current CEO-to-employee pay gap. In the 1950s, a typical CEO made 20 times the salary of his or her average worker. Last year, CEO pay at an S&P 500 Index firm soared to an average of 361 times more than the Read more about Why We Need to Cap CEO Pay[…]