List of Trump Supreme Court Nominees Leaked

In a stunning reveal, Greater and Grander has received a leaked version of the President Trump’s supreme court picks. They include: Maryanne Trump Barry (President Trump’s sister) Rudy Giuliani (caught masturbating on film) Kris Kobach (open white supremacist) Former Governor Mike Huckabee Senator Rick Scott Oil Executive Forrest Lucas Former Governor Sarah Palin Rep. Duncan Read more about List of Trump Supreme Court Nominees Leaked[…]

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9 Ways You Can Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg

With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Americans are feeling a sense of loss, dread, and fear about the possibility of a hard-right Supreme Court. So, we feel that all Americans who care passionately about freedom of speech, equality, and an independent Judiciary, should honor Justice Ginsburg’s legacy, the same way she taught us Read more about 9 Ways You Can Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg[…]

5 Things Trump is Planning as an October Surprise

Forget the current polls. They are meaningless. Unless we turn out EVERYONE . . . TRUMP CAN WIN. Here are some of the ways. 1. Claim He Has Cured Covid-19 The greatest con man and “Snake Oil Salesman” in history will declare in late October that, because of him, a safe and effective VACCINE that Read more about 5 Things Trump is Planning as an October Surprise[…]

What is Accelerationism?

Accelerationism is the idea that Capitalism should be accelerated instead of reformed in order to bring about it’s early self-destructive tendencies. According to Wikipedia; In political and social theory, accelerationism is the idea that capitalism, or particular processes that historically characterised capitalism, should be accelerated instead of overcome in order to generate radical social change. “Accelerationism” may also refer more broadly, Read more about What is Accelerationism?[…]

Timeline: Trump Could’ve Stopped Covid19, But Didn’t

People across America are scared, and fearing Covid19, a once in a century pandemic, will lead to an apocalypse. However, we know now (thanks to open-source reporting) that the Trump administration had several opportunities to stop the outbreak, but was slow, and blocked by their own isolationist mindset. Below is a timeline outlining those missteps. Read more about Timeline: Trump Could’ve Stopped Covid19, But Didn’t[…]

Expulsion @CovCathColonels

To Whom It May Concern at Covington Catholic School, I am a proud Catholic, attended St. Brigid of Ireland growing up, and received my communion and confirmation in the church.  I try to live by Jesus’ teachings, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” “Inasmuch as ye have done it Read more about Expulsion @CovCathColonels[…]

Lin-Manuel Miranda Announces Obama Musical “Yes We Can”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and original star of “Hamilton,” will return to the Broadway in early 2019 with his new musical “Yes We Can” about the life and presidency of Barack Obama. Standing in front of his Harlem-based home, Miranda announced his inspiration, “In light of these troubling times, and seeing what the current administration Read more about Lin-Manuel Miranda Announces Obama Musical “Yes We Can”[…]

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Top 10 Photos of #Antifa in #Charlottesville

1. Clergy Marching with AntiFa    2. White Supremacist Mob Intimidating AntiFa   3. Allies of AntiFa Marching  4. Black Lives Matter and AntiFa Marching Peacefully Against Hate and Bigotry  5. AntiFa Member Standing in Solidarity with Virginia Elected Officials Against Hate  6. AntiFa Members Terrorized and Attacked After a White Supremacist Drove His Car Read more about Top 10 Photos of #Antifa in #Charlottesville[…]

A Word From Bobby Kennedy

After this last election, and as the dust settles, I would like to offer these healing words, from Robert Kennedy.   It is not a day for politics. I save this one opportunity, my only event of today, to speak briefly to you about the mindless menace of violence in America, which again stains our Read more about A Word From Bobby Kennedy[…]