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G&G Announces Collaborative Media Project: UNTITLED FEMALE MERCENARIES FEATURE FILM on hitRECord

Los Angeles – As part of GreaterAndGrander.com’s ongoing mission of pushing the envelope, we are announcing a new project.  UNTITLED FEMALE MERCENARIES FEATURE FILM is open for wide-collaboration on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaborative platform, hitRECord.   UNTITLED FEMALE MERCENARIES FEATURE FILM is about 4 Female Mercenaries brought together by a mysterious go between, to kidnap a central-Asian Read more about G&G Announces Collaborative Media Project: UNTITLED FEMALE MERCENARIES FEATURE FILM on hitRECord[…]

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All’s Fair…, Buy Art Online

Buy art online, purchase beautiful art for your home.  This week’s contribution comes from noted artist, and Greater and Grander contributor, Ricardo Tomasz. This photograph was taken by artist, Ricardo Tomasz, and is available for sale. In the words of the artist, “Two dark souls swimming through the ether, trying to outrun each other, like Read more about All’s Fair…, Buy Art Online[…]