July 7, 2018

Why? And why not?

I’ve been producing feature films and television shows for over a decade, and I learned early on that artists needed an ally in their pursuits.


They needed more than just a passion, they needed a realistic plan on how to achieve their vision.


However, there were too many people in Hollywood who were predatory producers: fast-talkers who promised introductions to major power-players, and all the artist needed to do was pay $1,000.


I learned the hard way that anyone who wants an up front payments for introduction fees were scam-artists.


As I grew and became a certified project manager, I found there were many people who needed real help in fulfilling their vision. Not just filmmakers, but artists of all stripes, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who cared about making a better world.


These people needed help with business plans, executive summaries, budgets, schedules, and the logistic issues that would help shape what they wanted to make.


Too often, without any help, these great and grand ideas would just falter as the people who shaped them were too busy dealing with their every-day lives. They struggled with the how.


That’s where the Greater and Grander collective came in. My partners and I wanted more than just to work for large corporations. We wanted to build something that was greater and grander than ourselves.


To put it simply, we want to be part of creating something cool. Some producers ask why, we want to ask, “Why not?”


So find out more about Greater and Grander, and the services we provide. Budgets, schedules, business plans, and logistical support are just some of what we offer. Find out more by signing up below.


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