5 Things Trump is Planning as an October Surprise

Forget the current polls. They are meaningless. Unless we turn out EVERYONE . . . TRUMP CAN WIN. Here are some of the ways.

1. Claim He Has Cured Covid-19

The greatest con man and “Snake Oil Salesman” in history will declare in late October that, because of him, a safe and effective VACCINE that will 100% stop you from getting Covid-19 is NOW ready and that he, and he alone, has saved America. (He is ALREADY producing vaccines. Really). The vaccine will be shit, but he won’t care . . . and we won’t find out until AFTER the election. #VOTE!

2. Using The Virus to Intimidate Voters

Just before election day, Donald Trump, or the Trump Administration could try to drive down the Democratic vote by announcing several new Covid-19 hot zones in major Democratic centers in swing states, including Phoenix, Boulder, Detroit, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, Columbus, and Miami.

3. More Fake Allegations Against Joe Biden

Donald Trump has been accused of rape and sexual assault by 26 separate women. They have been corroborated by multiple witnesses and sources of evidence.

In order to divert the conversation, Republican funding sources and news outlets backed the claims of Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer who accused Biden of sexual assault. Unfortunately, allegations by Ms. Reade fizzled into nothing, and even the Bernie Sanders campaign backed away from her and her allegations when there appeared to be a lack of credible evidence.

Changing the subject by accusing your opponent of the crimes you’ve committed is a common tactic for Trump.

It’s important to note that after the infamous Access Hollywood tape came out, Trump organized a panel of women who made sexual assault and rape allegations against Bill Clinton, even though their allegations have long been disproven, ranging from Juanita Broaddrick denying any allegations when testifying under oath; Paula Jones’ own sister and brother-in-law stating that she had described her encounter with Clinton as “happy” and “gentle”; and that Kathleen Willey had misrepresented her claims and had actually pursued a sexual relationship with the president, as testified by 6 other friends and witnesses.

4. Unleash A Wave of Fake News & Photoshopped Pictures

A number of images have been released that have been attributed to Biden’s inappropriate activities, but are completely false. They have been disproven by the fact-check website, Snopes, the internet’s definitive fact-checking resource.

For example…

An image circulated online via social media purports to show former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden kissing a young girl on the cheek, typically accompanied by comments labeling the picture as “sick,” “disgusting,” and inappropriate.

However, whatever one might think of the propriety of the pictured activity, it has nothing to do with any U.S. politician. It’s actually an image of Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, taken from a March 2020 video showing him greeting enthusiasts outside a hotel in Ometepec in south-western Mexico.

Another example…

An image purportedly showing Vice President Joe Biden groping a woman’s breast during an official government ceremony was recirculated on social media in October 2017, after hundreds of women (and several men) stepped forward to accuse filmmakersreporterspoliticianspresidents, and men from various other industries of sexual harassment and misconduct.

However, as you can see in the below before and after examples, this document was photoshopped.

Another example…

A photograph shared on social media in June 2019 showed former Vice President Joe Biden with the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

However, the 2008 photograph shows Biden with Robert Byrd, a West Virginia senator who (despite his past issues and racist views) was never a grand wizard for the Ku Klux Klan.

You can find out about this, and many other fake news articles and false allegations against Joe Biden at Snopes.

5. Push for a Delay in November’s Election

He already tried that!


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