7 Reasons Why Villaraigosa Was A Great Mayor of Los Angeles, California

So, I was at an event this morning, and got into a huge argument with some asshole about Villaraigosa. The argument was about if Villaraigosa was a good mayor.
I put forth arguments about why he was a good mayor (which he was) and the other guy didn’t have any facts, he just said, “No, that’s not true. I don’t believe you.”
Clearly, his argument was not about the facts, it was just about him being a douche and proving he was right. So, for the record, here are the top reasons why Antonio Villaraigosa was a good mayor.

1. Gun Safety

As mayor, Villaraigosa was a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition, a national organization of Mayors whose goal is to increase gun control.


2. Green Technology & Economic Development

In April 2008, Villaraigosa set aside a large parcel of industrial land around the Los Angeles River to create a “clean-technology corridor.” A range of incentives are available for businesses opting to move to the city, and the site will include a research facility that will draw on the engineering talents of local higher-education institutions. The plan will increase employment in the heart of Los Angeles, as well as have national impact for green R&D.


3. Public Transportation

Villaraigosa was instrumental in increasing public transportation and 12 mass transit projects: both in procuring funding via Measure R, and in working with Congress to repeal the ban on Subway tunneling in Los Angeles.


4. Green Pathways

Villaraigosa has also supported implementation of Los Angeles’ Bicycle Master Plan, adopted in March 2011, which sets a long-term goal of creating a network of 1,680 miles of interconnected green bikeways spanning the city. He also issued an executive directive mandating the construction of 40 miles of bikeways each year.


5. Infrastructure Improvement

Villaraigosa moved to improve existing transportation lines by established anti-gridlock zones and launched Tiger Teams to improve traffic flow during peak rush hour times.


6. Saving Los Angeles from Bankruptcy

Villaraigosa supported Proposition O, which added $10.22 to the property tax bill of a $350,000 home and will eventually climb to $35.00, for the purposes of raising city funds for education and important expenditures. Villaraigosa also campaigned for two education bond measures that will increase the size of property tax bills over the next decade.


7. Cleanest City In America

The numerous successes Villairagosa has made in transportation, green technology, and public safety, Villaraigosa laid the foundation to make Los Angeles the greenest city in America. To reduce smog and greenhouse gasses, the mayor has quadrupled LA’s use of renewable energy and has plans to reduce the city’s carbon emissions by thirty-five percent.


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