A Comprehensive List of Republicans Arrested or Accused for Pedophile Charges

Welcome to the GOP page, which stand for Gang of Pedophiles.

NamePositionStateAssociations w/ Other OfficialsLink
Jonathan HernandezOklahoma College Republicans chairmanOKOklahoma Education Secretary Ryan WaltersKFOR Local News
Mark FoleyCongressional RepresentativeFLDemocratic Successor Rep. Tim MahoneyUPI
Dennis HastertSpeaker of the House of CongressILAll of the Bush era Republicans in CongressWikipedia
Donald TrumpPresident of the United StatesNYBuzzfeed
Roy MooreState Supreme Court Chief Justice, and Candidate for SenateALThe New Yorker
Jim JordanCongressional RepresentativeOHUSA Today
Matt GaetzCongressional RepresentativeFLWashington Post
Tim NolanDistrict Court Judge and GOP LeaderKYWikipedia

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