Bonus Clip 2: Can you tell me how to write? How to write for Sesame Street! || Norman Stiles, Producers Lounge

Norman Stiles has made television history by writing and producing classic television episodes of PBS’s Between The Lions, and Sesame Street, including episodes such as Mr. Snuffleupagus’ reveal and the passing of Mr. Hooper.  Norman began working in the welfare office, but moved into his passion of comedy via the Merv Griffin show, and helped make television history, becoming the head writer of Sesame Street, and Executive Producer of Between The Lions.  

Credits Include…

Sesame Street starring Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Big Bird

Between The Lions starring Jasmine Guy and Roma Downey

America 2-Night starring Martin mull and Fred Willard

Music is Bohemia Lies By The Sea by Earnest Woodall.  

Episode still image is by Sesame Workshop.

Street Gang, Official Trailer on Sesame Street, on HBO

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