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?AB 1505
A charter school’s authorization, renewal, and
appeal would be made by the affected
school district’s governing board.
What does that mean?
This bill places all charter-granting authority
in the hands of local school district boards.
Under current law school, districts can only
deny a charter if they make specific findings.
The bill also changes the appeals process.
Currently, if a charter school is denied, it
appeals to both state and county boards. This
bill would remove the state appeal so that
appeals can only be made to the county. The
county would see the process the school
district took and how the district chose to
deny the charter.
… –AB1507
This bill would prohibit a charter school from
being located outside the physical jurisdiction
of the chartering authority ( currently, the
What does that mean?
Right now, a charter school can go to another
district in the same county if their current
district has no space for charters.
(This is why there are so many charters in
Agua Dulce School District in San Diego
A cap would be established on the number of
charter schools that can operate statewide in
What does that mean?
In 1992, California law capped charters at

  1. In 1998 it was raised to 250; there are now
    1312 charters statewide. This bill would cap
    charters: new charters would only open when
    other charters close. Local caps will be
    determined at the district level.
    Currently 27% of Los Angeles students attend
    charters, 34% of Oakland, 89% of Agua Dulce
    (San Diego County), and 20% of Sacramento.
    The chartering authority would have to consider
    financial, academic, and facilities impacts on
    public schools when deciding whether or not to
    approve a new charter school petition.
    What does that mean?
    Right now, charter approval is the default in
    California. Districts are not permitted to consider
    how a charter school opening will impact
    facilities, finances, and academics in the local
    public school. This bill will allow districts to
    consider impacts on all three

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