City of Los Angeles COOL BLOCKS Program

Would you like to protect your neighborhoods from climate emergencies such as extreme heat, droughts, blackouts and smoke from regional fires?

If the answer is yes, we have the solution! I wanted to share with you an exciting community-based and neighborhood-level program catalyzed by Andy Shrader, Environmental Director, CD 5, and Marta Segura, Director of the Climate Emergency Mobilization Office – CEMO, with the tremendous support and Partnership of the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance. It’s called the Cool Blocks Program, a very self-directed program mobilization effort designed to build independent and resilient communities block by block, weather climate emergencies, and have a plan to help neighbors. For a successful disaster response, we need to build social cohesion and have neighbors supporting one another. There are studies of those that survive disasters, and it’s well known that social cohesion is key to survival and preserving our homes. I highly suggest that you participate in this program that provides an excellent structure for your neighborhoods to engage in building resilience and community response to climate disasters like excessive smoke inhalation, blackouts, heat waves, and more. It will provide many energy efficiencies and climate-related resources and tools directly to your communities.

In order to invite wide participation and engagement with and by communities, Heal the Bay, LA Forward, Sierra Club, and others with the remarkable partnership and support from the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance – NCSA, have been hosting meetings to provide Cool Blocks information and recruit Cool Block leaders. The Cool Blocks Program has been effective in LA communities with apartments as well, not just single-family homes. The current goal is to acquire 200 sign-ups by Sept 22, we are hoping you can spread the word with urgency. The goal is to reach another 200 Cool Block and leaders. The Cool Blocks Program is open to all City of LA neighborhoods and apartment buildings, and there will be a special effort made to help our frontline and socio-economically affected communities, as these are hardest hit by disasters like smoke, blackouts, flooding, pandemics, and other disasters. The City of LA has applied for a $1M, 5-year grant award to be recognized as a Cool Block City, which we hope to apply to increase social cohesion throughout the City of LA and the most at-risk communities.

  • The following are the main resources for the Cool Blocks Program:
  1. Cool Blocks Program Website in English and Spanish: general information, meeting dates, and sign ups are available on NCSA website:
  2. Cool Blocks Program Meeting Dates in English and Spanish
  3. Cool Blocks Program Video – Per video: “Learn about the Cool Block program, where neighbors gather block by block working to reduce carbon, conserve water, become disaster resilient, increase livability on their block, and empower others!”
  4. Graphics, fliers, and videos in English and Spanish for various media platforms. Also, Lisa attached graphics for Nextdoor, and text that she used for her Nextdoor account is below:

Are you interested in working with neighbors to prepare for a crisis or natural disaster?

In an emergency, like a multi-day black-out, or smoke-filled air, would your neighbors know what to do to help you? Would you know how to help them? Would you like to make your neighborhood safer and more livable? Do you wish there was more you could do to stop climate change and reduce your utility costs for the sake of your children or future generations? If you’ve heard enough and are ready to become a Cool Block Leader, sign up here. Visit to learn more, attend a Cool Block Café, and/or sign up to be a Cool Block Leader.

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