Civil War Mockumentary BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM Wraps Production with a Star-Studded Cast


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — December 4, 2023 — Greater and Grander Productions is excited to announce the successful completion of production for BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM the highly anticipated satirical mockumentary that offers a fresh perspective on a second American Civil War. The director leads an ensemble of talent that includes Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, Golden Globe nominee Beverly D’Angelo, and original MAD TV cast member Debra Wilson.

BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM delves into an alternate reality where America grapples with the consequences of a divisive war over escalating issues surrounding reproductive rights. The project was initially introduced as “Civil War 2,” but as it continued to evolve, the title transformation to BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM mirrors the film’s unique blend of humor, satire, and historical context.

Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, celebrated for his versatile career and captivating performances in films such as RUNAWAY TRAIN and THE DARK KNIGHT, brings his undeniable talent to the BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM cast as a sports collectible dealer turned union spy, Luke Russell. Joining Roberts is Golden Globe nominee Beverly D’Angelo, known for her unforgettable roles in the NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION series and COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER, who plays the first Chairwoman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Completing this star-studded lineup is the incomparable Debra Wilson, an original cast member of the beloved sketch comedy series MAD TV, whose comedic prowess and dramatic performance, adds depth to the film’s already impressive ensemble.  

Ms. Wilson commented, “I’m looking forward to seeing all of these fun and interesting characters with this very interesting plot come together.  I think this is unique, and I think the storyline is unique as well.”

Actress, Virginia Jones (best known for PORTLANDIA), who plays a Christian Nationalist supporter, also says, “BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM is an absolutely bonkers satire about the darkest parts of the American experience.  It is at once phenomenally silly, and very very sad.”

Cinematographer, Alessandro Gentile (best known for SCHITT’S CREEK, and SOMETHING REAL AND GOOD) signed on to the project, and says, “I think that BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM is extremely witty on its satirical take on the US government. It’s over the top dialogue really drives the film’s absurd narrative.”

Actor, Philip McGrade, best known for his work in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH CRAIG FERGUSON, plays a secret agent who gathers information while performing as a drag queen.  He’s quoted as saying, “I love working with Richard and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Such a great concept, I wish I’d thought of it!”

With production wrapped, BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM now enters the post-production phase, where the creative team will craft the humorous, yet thought-provoking narrative. The director’s vision is to maintain a witty and entertaining tone while shedding light on contemporary social tensions and raising awareness of their potential implications.

Stay tuned for more updates on BULLETS OVER ANTEBELLUM as it journeys through post-production and approaches its highly anticipated release.

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