Climate Crisis Webinar

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The California Poor People’s Campaign presents a Climate Crisis zoom event on Sunday, November 14th, from 3:00-4:30 PM PST.

Our all-star lineup features:

  • Tom Goldtooth, Chair of the Indigenous Environmental Network
  • William Barber III, from The Climate Reality Project
  • Jacqueline Patterson, Chair of the Chisholm Legacy Project
  • Josiah Edwards, with the Sunrise Movement

The climate crisis is a uniquely pressing crisis as it brings us face to face with not only the injustice of ecological devastation, but a “perfect storm” of interlocking injustices including poverty, racism, militarism, and religious nationalism.
Our speakers will help us better understand the nature of this crisis while also providing critical insight into ways Indigenous communities and people of color are especially impacted. Urgent calls to action will be shared. Please share this with your organization, friends, and community. The event will be Closed Captioned. You can contact us at with questions or for more info.

Tom Goldtooth at COP26: Absolute Carbon Reduction Is “Issue of Life and Death” for Indigenous Peoples

Registration for the event is at

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