Coming Up Soon! Social Media Art Contest

Attention all artists and creatives!

Greater & Grander is excited to announce our visual image/art contest for our social media page banners!

We are looking for eye-catching, original, and visually stunning artwork that embodies the spirit of Greater & Grander – creativity, diversity, and hopefulness. The winning artwork will be featured on our social media banner pages for all to see.

To participate, simply create an original piece of art that represents what Greater & Grander means to you. It can be a painting, drawing, photograph, or digital design – anything that can be displayed on our social media banners.

Here are some visual guidelines:

  • The Greater & Grander logo (the Nkyinkyim) must be featured. Download Here.
  • Any text on the image must be in the Grendel font. Download Here.
  • It is preferred that the Greater & Grander color scheme be adhered to. View here
  • It is optional, but you can use any other photos or designs from our asset/Google Drive Library. View here.

Bonus points to anyone who can include text around the following themes: high-quality on a low budget; art; promote creativity to those who need to see you; experienced professionals with a turnkey operation; artistic vision promoted to those who need to see; showcase great work to stand high amongst equal.

To enter, submit your artwork at

Each submission must be for a specific category with a specific size (YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn, or Twitter). Submit for as many sizes/categories as you want!

The first prize winner in each of the four categories will receive $50 in cash.

There will be a second-place winner, third-place winner, and honorable mention, each of whom will receive a certificate.

You can also post your artwork on your own social media pages and tag us @GreaterGrander. This will help you show how popular your image is compared to others. Make sure to follow our page to stay updated on the contest and any announcements.

The contest will run for eight weeks and the winner will be announced on our social media pages, and have the opportunity to have their artwork featured on our website. Submissions will close on the 11th of July, 2023.

We can’t wait to see your amazing artwork and look forward to featuring the winning piece on our social media banner pages.

Good luck to all participants!

Do you have your own thoughts? Let us know in the comments! Or join our community of successful creators on Patreon!

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