Congratulations Ricardo Tomasz for featured on PBS’ The Art Assignment

We would like to congratulate Greater and Grander contributor, Ricardo Tomasz, for being recently featured on PBS’ The Art Assignment. Take a look below.

Art Assignment Video

Who is Ricardo Tomasz?

Ricardo Tomasz is an artist in photography, painting, collage, video, performance art, and occasionally body hair.  He was born and raised in Hungary, to a Hungarian mother, and a Spaniard father.  They died when he was 16, but their passing allowed him to tour and study at some of the finest Art Universities in Europe.  He came to America, thrusting himself into the art scene.  He was in and out, in and out, and in and out of America over several years, until finally settling in Los Angeles as an artist, designer, and occasional human crosswalk sign.  He is a valuable contributor to the Greater and Grander Artist collective.


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