Desantis-Land; The Worst Theme-Park In The World

Welcome to the newly proposed Desantis-Land, which will soon be built on the previously controlled Disney World land in Orlando, FL. We’ve got fun and thrilling rides for you, all from the mind of Ron Desantis!

Get ready for a wild ride through a world of chaos, confusion, and questionable decisions!

Explore the “Conspiracy Theory Funhouse,” where you can immerse yourself in a maze of misinformation and confusion. Get lost in a labyrinth of wild conspiracy theories and alternative facts, where truth is stranger than fiction. Watch out for the spinning walls of gaslighting and the hall of mirrors reflecting Desantis’ ever-changing political agenda.

It’s An Oil World After All

Welcome, adventurous souls, to a ride that’s slicker than a politician’s smile and smellier than the socks of a gym junkie! Step aboard “It’s An Oil World After All,” the only boat ride in town that sails you along on a river of actual crude oil.

That’s right, folks, it’s black gold gushing around you, and it’s more precious than a Florida abortion doctor. But beware, inhaling those fumes might make you see unicorns, so take a deep breath, if you dare!

This isn’t your average fairy tale ride, folks; it’s a thrilling adventure through the world of oil and gas, where danger lurks around every bend. No smoking allowed, my friends, unless you want to see flames dance around you like a vengeful dragon.

But fear not, for we have the most eccentric tour guides in town. Our crew of misfit characters will regale you with tales of the wild west of drilling, the battles for control over reserves, and the absurdity of oil politics. You might even spot a rare species of executive in their natural habitat, greedily counting their barrels of profits.

As you journey deeper into the murky waters of this oil world, you’ll witness the relentless pursuit of wealth and power, where ethics take a back seat and corruption runs rampant. It’s a carnival of greed and excess, a place where money talks and Mother Nature weeps. It’s a ride you won’t forget no matter how much you try: It’s An Oil World After All! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Ron’s “Superstar” Limo

Welcome to Ron’s “Superstar” Limo, step into the shoes of Ron DeSantis, the self-proclaimed superstar of the Sunshine State, and get ready for a narcissistic adventure like no other.

As you board your gaudy limo, adorned with gold-plated palm fronds and tacky neon lights, prepare to be treated like royalty, or at least Ron DeSantis thinks so. Every step of the way, you’ll be showered with praise and adoration, as if you’re the second coming of Elvis, but with better hair.

Your limo glides through a world where every kisses your ass, from fawning sycophants to slobbering lobbyists, it’s a non-stop parade of boot-licking and brown-nosing. You’ll be surrounded by people treating you like the hero of the land, even though your accomplishments might not be as grand; and if they don’t treat you like God’s gift to Jesus, you’ll be able to convince them otherwise at the point of a gun.

This dark ride takes you on a journey where you’re elevated to a pedestal higher than Mount Everest, and the ego boost is better than Florida meth. But watch out for those pesky facts and critics! They might try to sneak in and ruin your carefully crafted image, but fear not, as you have your spin doctors ready to cover your tracks.

But wait, there’s more! In Ron’s Superstar Limo, you’ll also encounter a cast of colorful characters. From controversial political allies to a cast of clowns, each one trying to steal the spotlight with their own outrageous antics, like Marjorie Taylor Yellow, who sees Jewish space lasers behind every natural disaster. It’s a circus of absurdity that’ll leave you scratching your head in disbelief.

The Desantis Mood Swings Rollercoaster

Welcome, thrill-seekers, to the Desantis Mood Swings Rollercoaster – the wildest ride this side of the political spectrum! Get ready for a topsy-turvy rollercoaster that’s as unpredictable as Ron DeSantis’ mood swings, and as bruising as his left-hook.

As you strap in and brace for impact, prepare for a ride that’ll leave you breathless, battered, and bewildered. This coaster is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, as it mimics the violent mood swings of everyone’s favorite Florida governor.

Hold on tight as you plummet from euphoria to rage in seconds. This coaster is not for the faint of heart, my friends. You’ll experience sharp turns and sudden drops that’ll leave you feeling like a political pawn caught in a whirlwind of political posturing. It’s a wild ride that’ll make your head spin faster than Ron DeSantis’ spin doctors trying to explain his erratic behavior.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! After the ride, guests are asked to keep the Desantis Mood Swings Rollercoaster a secret. Instead of admitting you braved the tumultuous twists and turns of this adrenaline-pumping ride, you’ll be instructed to tell everyone that you “fell down some stairs”.

Ron Desantis Carnival Games

Step right up, folks, and welcome to Desantis Land Carnival Games – where the games are rigged, the prizes are elusive, and your wallet is in for a wild ride!

For a small fee, you can try your luck at a variety of carnival games that promise exciting prizes. From “Whack the Fact” to “Pin the Blame on the Opponent,” there’s something for every political enthusiast. But beware, my friends, for the trick is in the fine print – after you win, you’ll need to pay even more to actually get your prize!

It’s a mystery wrapped in a conundrum, as you’ll find yourself shelling out more and more cash just to chase that elusive stuffed elephant with a “Desantis for President” hat. It’s a neat trick that’ll leave you scratching your head and emptying your pockets, all in the name of a prize that seems to be forever out of reach.

Don’t miss the “DeSantis Decisions Dartboard,” where you can try your luck at making sense of Ron Desantis’ policy choices. Take aim at the dartboard and try to pin the blame on the real culprit – is it the media, the Democrats, or the “deep state”? It’s a game of chance that’ll leave you scratching your head in bewilderment.

But wait, there’s more! The Desantis Land Carnival Games are not just about emptying your wallet, but also about emptying your hopes and dreams. You’ll soon realize that winning is as elusive as Ron DeSantis’ transparency, and that the odds are stacked against you like a rigged election. It’s a carnival of political trickery that’ll leave you questioning your sanity and the state of democracy.

Free Daycare

Perhaps you want to leave the kids behind, and explore Desantis Land all by yourself. Not to worry, we offer free stays at the Matt Gaetz Daycare, a well-trafficked area for kids.

At Matt Gaetz daycare, you can leave your morals at the door and indulge with a “No Background Checks” policy. It’s a playground where ethical standards are optional. Join Matt Gaetz on his adventures in “Fantasyland,” where the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred. Witness his daring escapades, just don’t tell the FBI what you saw.

But the mystery doesn’t end there. In the “Conspiracy Corner,” you can learn how to concoct wild conspiracy theories and spin them into political gold. It’s a place where facts are optional, and fearmongering is rewarded with praise and attention.

At the Matt Gaetz daycare, the rules are simple – accountability is for other people, and scandal is just another opportunity for fame. Strap on your detective hat and get ready for a wild ride!


What theme park would be complete without a centerpiece, and at Desantis Land, we offer at the center of our park, a statue of Ayn Rand made out of excrement. That’s right, we chose the building material that best matches Ayn Rand’s philosophy, human feces.

Try the “Flip-Flopping Fries” or the “Covid-denial Cotton Candy” – it’s a culinary adventure like no other!

So, come on down to Desantis-Land, the worst theme park in the world that’s sure to leave you scratching your head, laughing out loud, and questioning the state of reality. It’s a satirical ride through the mysterious world of Florida politics, where the only thing you can count on is the unpredictability of it all.

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