Director of Fresh Off The Boat, Steven J Kung; S2 E24

Steven J. Kung uses comedy to illuminate things oft unseen which include POC, LGBTQ folx, and his car keys. While at first glance he reminds you of that over-achieving Asian classmate (which self-admittedly, he was), he’s also a salsa merengue instructor and very queer. With his encyclopedic knowledge of Dear White People, Steven was promoted to staff writer and he is developing a semi-autobiographical comedy pilot with Lionsgate. As a director, his feature about unapologetically hot Asians, A Leading Man, won multiple awards on the festival circuit. Other credits include the Disney ABC Directing Program and directing Fresh Off The Boat. In another life, Steven worked at the Department of Justice and the Kennedy Center. Now he co-chairs the WGA Asian American Town Hall and serves as co-chair emeritus of the DGA Asian American Committee.

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Credits Include…

Dear White People starring Wendie Malick, Nia Long, and Giancarlo Esposito

A Leading Man starring Lilan Bowden

Camp Abercorn starring Brad Leland

The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez starring Barry Corbin

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Music is Hungaria by Latché Swing.

Episode still image is by Ricardo Tomasz on Greater & Grander.

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