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Welcome to Greater and Grander, the ultimate online destination for exploring the power of media in making the world a better place. Our web community is dedicated to elevating conversations and ideas to a Greater and Grander level. Our expertise lies in producing high-quality content in the areas of Art & Culture, Politics, Filmmaking, and Local updates of Los Angeles.

With a track record of success, our past clients include leading companies like Tongal, Final Draft, and the City of Los Angeles. Since 2016, we have been consistently creating and sharing valuable content that resonates with our audience, resulting in a substantial email list of 13,000 subscribers.

At Greater and Grander, we firmly believe in the transformative power of media and its ability to drive positive change. Join our community today to be a part of the conversation and discover how media can create a Greater and Grander world.

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We LOVE to hear from musical artists. The best way to stay in touch with the community and to have people hear your music is to submit your work to projects that the Greater & Grander Team are promoting. Submit your audio files for use in our videos (under a creative commons license), and get your music and albums promoted to a bigger audience.

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Greater & Grander is always looking for computer programmers to contribute to new entrepreneurial endeavors. We have an extensive range of resources, including the Greater & Grander membership of 13,000 users, as well as an additional 7,000 members (optional), and a list of hundreds of reporters. Fill out this form to let us know what you’re working on, or if you’d like to work with us on a project, send over your info via this form.

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What is Greater & Grander?

Greater and Grander is a Los Angeles-based creative organization that focuses on projects related to social justice, equity, and progressive causes. 

The mission of Greater and Grander is to use creativity and storytelling to effect positive social change. The group believes that art and culture can be powerful tools for promoting empathy, understanding, and action, and it aims to work with organizations and individuals who share this vision.

Some of the past projects that Greater and Grander has worked on include video production for political campaigns and organizations, such as the No on Measure F campaign in central California, and the Poor People’s Campaign. The group has also been involved in producing social justice-themed events and protests.

In addition to its project work, Greater and Grander also offers a variety of programs and services. These include workshops on storytelling and creative activism (including for California Lawyers for the Arts).

Overall, Greater and Grander is a creative group with a focus on promoting social justice and progressive causes through the power of storytelling and creativity. The group has a strong track record of working with organizations and cities, and it offers a range of programs and services designed to empower individuals and groups to make a positive impact in their communities.

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