G&G Announces The Future

For too long, America has lacked a vision for the future.

With the impending doom of climate change, income inequality, and corruption in our political system, we have lacked a vision for how America will cope and thrive in a changing world landscape.

That is why Greater & Grander is hosting an essay writing contest on the future of America, called “The Future”

Important questions need to be asked:

  1. How will Americans decrease climate change?
  2. How can income inequality be reversed?
  3. What are the greatest problems facing Americans of various minority groups?
  4. How can the terrorist police state be stopped, and we put an end to police killing unarmed black men?

That and more must be addressed at the forefront of American’s minds.

New ideas must be shared, and new challenges must be overcome.

The details of our essay writing contest will be released soon. Subscribe to stay up to date.

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