G&G Asks #Spotify to Remove Its Podcast Over #JoeRogan

In light of the recent unwillingness of Spotify to sanction individuals, such as Joe Rogan, for spreading misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine, Greater & Grander has chosen to remove its podcast, The Producers Lounge, from Spotify, including all of its episodes.  

Greater & Grander has chosen to side with individuals such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, as well as countless other individuals removing their work from Spotify, and stand up for the rights of common Americans to receive accurate information, rather than playing to the lowest common denominator, of fear and doubt in science. 

Greater & Grander, in its consistent pursuit to support forward thinking based on scientific evidence, we also support the work of the numerous scientists who have signed an open letter to Spotify, about the dangers of misinformation.  

Even though 7% of our podcast’s listening audience has come from Spotify, we cannot in good conscience continue our relationship with Spotify, while they promote Joe Rogan, who has used his show to promote vaccine disinformation, anti-transgender hate speech, and racism-deniers such as Jordan Peterson.  To continue a relationship under this conditions, would be like continuing a relationship with Joseph Goebbels.   

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