G&G Endorses Joe Biden

For the first time in its history, Greater & Grander is endorsing a Presidential candidate.

One of the things we care about most is education.  We can’t have a free and fair country without a solid public education system. 

And if there’s one thing I can say about Joe Biden, he has consistently supported education on all fronts, and received a 91% voting record score from the National Education Association (NEA).  He’s been consistently pro teachers, and pro teachers unions. 

He has supported progressive educational goals, including universal pre-k, comprehensive safe sex education, smaller classrooms, and voted against student vouchers (which basically robs public schools of important funds).  He also voted AGAINST mandatory school prayer.  And going forward, he wants to increase federal investment in college, including community colleges, HBC’s, doubling Pell Grants, creating new education grants, work study funding, and a revolutionary national apprentice program. 

Now I know Bernie Sanders supported a program similar to Germany’s where all college education would be free, and I would love to see that program too, but Biden has a similar program to make public college free to any family that makes less than $125,000 a year, which is over half the US population.  That’s a huge shift that’s going to benefit tens of millions of Americans.  In fact, this WAS ONE of Bernie’s proposals in the Senate (Bernie’s made a lot of education proposals over the years).

Also, after college students with loans graduate, he has a comprehensive plan to reduce the burden of student debt, including a new plan where people with both old and new loans will be automatically enrolled, and have their loans reduced or forgiven over time based on how much money they make, how long they’ve been paying off the loans, their living expenses, and if they go into public service.  That last part is desperately needed since America needs people to serve in schools, government, and non-profits. 

And best of all, he wants to shut down the for-profit colleges and predatory student loan lenders that are giving millions of students junk degrees.  This was actually started by Obama, and then Trump shut it down. 

Biden has the potential to create a national education program that would lift millions of people out of poverty, and change the course of this country for generations.

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