Greater & Grander Endorses Karen Bass for Los Angeles Mayor

Greater & Grander announces today that our leadership, by a unanimous vote, endorses Karen Bass’s campaign for Mayor on behalf of the more than 13,000 subscribers of the Greater & Grander network.

The move marks Greater & Grander’s first endorsement for a candidate for mayor of Los Angeles. Bass has received endorsements from more than 30 labor unions, and dozens more organizations.

Greater & Grander’s public policy priorities include defending and protecting the right to collectively bargain, a prevailing wage in the arts, racial justice, a strong minimum wage, stronger federal and state arts funding, gun violence prevention, universal federal health care, tax fairness and LGBTQ non-discrimination protections.

GREATER & GRANDER, launches in 2016, is a group of artists and professionals, based on Los Angeles, which focuses on Articles & Experts on the topics of filmmaking, art, photography, travel, style, drawing, and artists. With a mailing list of over 13,000 members. Greater & Grander endeavors to elevate the conversation surrounding media, and its impact.

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