Greater & Grander’s Statement on the Passing of Performer Jimmy Mac

Our heartfelt and deepest condolences go out to Jimmy’s family, friends, and colleagues.

Most people don’t know the name, James McGregor, or his performance name, Jimmy Mac, but to the people who did, he was a bright and welcoming light.  

I first met Jimmy in a class at Improv Olympics West on Hollywood Blvd.  In that cramp and poorly air conditioned loft above the theater, about 30 of us met and awkwardly introduced ourselves.  Jimmy was a quietly confident and unassuming figure.  His boyish charm and enthusiasm shone through strongly, but when he got up on stage, he was brilliant.  

By far the funniest person in that Level 1 improv class, his talent was obvious.  He was brilliant at finding great jokes noone else could think of, and had comedic timing that everyone else envied.  

I often tried to recruit Jimmy for my comedic projects, including a podcast series, and a live stage group.  In return, he invited me to his shows, including A HORSE, a Shakespearean-themed improv troupe.  His friendly nature, and his passion for justice always gathered people around him.

During Covid, he stretched out and performed in international zoom-improv competitions. Jimmy didn’t care about the money, he just wanted to make people laugh.  

After Covid, I was fortunate enough to cast him in a satirical episode I directed called REVELATIONS, and he delivered an amazing performance, and brilliantly played the part.  It was so good that I had to buy the domain he made up in the improv sketch.

I also asked him to write a quick comedic spoof on listicles, in his improvised character.  Jimmy turned in a draft that quickly became one of the site’s most popular articles that month.  

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I was hoping to work with Jimmy again in an upcoming Greater & Grander feature film, and created a character tailored to his strengths and preferences.  Jimmy was always encouraging and enthusiastic, of others.  I’ll miss that the most of him.

There are too many talented people in Los Angeles who pass away too soon, and unknown, because nobody champions their name. I hope people will remember the name Jimmy Mac, not just as a comedian, but also as a trusted friend with a good heart.

To see more of Jimmy Mac, check out his Star Trek review podcast, SHUT UP WESLEY, or the below playlist of his improv performances from his friends at Extreme Improv.

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  1. Tom says:

    Thank you for this. James was my friend in high school, and I’m sad to hear he’s gone. He was talented and entertaining, and we shared a lot of laughs. He was a source of light for me. Nothing but good memories.

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